This is how Paulina Smaszcz spent Christmas. “This year there is no Christmas tree in my house, no Christmas decorations, no photos by the Christmas tree”

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Paulina Smaszcz decided to take a unique step.

This is how Paulina Smaszcz spent Christmas.

As the “O2” portal reminds, Paulina Smaszcz is extremely active in social media this year, and her name is changed by all cases, as is the name of her ex-husband, Maciej Kurzajewski. How were Paulina Smaszcz's holidays?

The media war

The divorce of Maciej Kurzajewski and Paulina Smaszcz took place three years ago. And although at first it seemed that the couple managed to part with the class without washing the dirt, the last few months have been marked by media scuffles. It all started with a trip to Israel, which Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski embarked on.

It was Paulina Smaszcz who revealed the romance of “Kurzopków”. Later, she gave interviews every now and then, in which she shared revelations about her ex-husband and his new partner. Kurzajewski's ex-wife also got into a media war with Iza Janachowska. Finally, she decided to stop doing laundry.

Paulina Smaszcz's Christmas

On Boxing Day, Paulina Smaszcz posted an extensive post online. Those who hoped for a photo by the Christmas tree were disappointed. She spent time packing. “I want to help women who are not as lucky as me, who need this helping hand when they do not see hope in the tangle of bad events and bad people” – betrayed the firecracker woman.

Then she revealed that she intends to sell some of her paintings, clothes, furniture and other material things to allocate the money from their sale to women who have no money for education or visits to specialists.

“I am waiting for your applications, for information on what kind of help you need, whether it be a doctor, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, teaching or business specialist” – she added.

What do you think about the latest idea of ​​Smaszcz?

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