This is Optimus, the humanoid robot that Elon Musk wants you to have at home

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This is Optimus, the humanoid robot that Elon Musk wants you to have at home

It's called Optimus. He measures 1.73 meters. He weighs 57 kilos and has hands with five fingers in each one. He walks, carries packages, waters the plants, and even puts things on shelves and racks, he said. Elon Musk this Friday when he presented this prototype of the new humanoid robot from Tesla. The tycoon is ambitious: he intends to mass-produce it and market it for less than 20,000 euros. There is only one what: everything what does Musk say he does… he does it in fits and starts. The artificial intelligence It's still moving at a dizzying pace, but it's what it takes to be a machine.

Tesla announced the project to create a humanoid last August 2021. The image of the prototype was suggestive and attractive, with a slender silhouette and a chassis that was quite different from the archetype that the company presented. finally on Friday, in a ceremony at the company's offices in Palo Alto (California).

Eliminate “dangerous,repetitives andboring tasks”

Then, the company assured The role of the robot would be to eliminate dangerous tasks, repetitives and boring“. He also said that the robot would have a screen instead of a face., thus breaking with the style of the rest of the humanoids that other companies have manufactured, as is the case with Sophia. However (and luckily), Optimus does. Has face.

This is Optimus, the humanoid robot that Elon Musk wants you to have at home

Prototype of the humanoid that Tesla presented at home. in 2021.


“Robot on legs”

Optimus is on the move. inspired by humans, but also drinks from all the technological experiences that the company has developed over the years, especially with cars electrical. In this sense, one of the Tesla technicians said that the creation of a humanoid meant “going from a robot on wheels to a robot on legs”.

But if Musk wants the homes of the worldopen the door to Optimus and make him one of the family, the robot has to improve in terms of aesthetics as well as skills. On the one hand, and despite having the height and weight of any human, the stylized silhouette that promised The tycoon is far from the one he promised, which had a very successful simile with the androids from the movie 'I, Robot'.

Performs simple tasks, but is clumsy

On the other hand, Optimus has to improve his skills . It is true that he walks and performs simple tasks , but he does it without excessive skill. Wow, Optimus is clumsy : he just took a few clumsy steps, cheers & oacute; mechanically and removed. of the act. “The robot can do a lot more than what we just showed you. We didn't want it to fall on its face. So now we're going to show you some videos of the robot doing a lot of other things,” he justified. Musk.

Next, the company projected some images in which the robot, connected to a cable, showed all its potential. But neither did he convince. “There's still a lot of work to be done to perfect Optimus and test it,” he admitted. Musk. For 20,000 euros, Optimus will have. He had to be more agile so that people would open the doors of their houses wide for him.