“This is part of Russia”: the German airline denied the service to the Bulgarian ambassador

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« It's part of Russia

Bulgarian Ambassador to the United States Georgy Panayotov said that Lufthansa refused to accompany his minor son.

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The German airline Lufthansa at the last moment canceled an already paid service to accompany the 12-year-old son of the Bulgarian Ambassador to the United States and former Defense Minister Georgy Panayotov. The company argued its action by the fact that Bulgaria is part of the Russian Federation. Georgy Panayotov reported the incident on his Facebook page.

According to the diplomat, his son was heading home to Bulgaria for Christmas. He had to transfer at Frankfurt Airport from a flight arriving from Washington to a plane bound for Sofia, accompanied by a Lufthansa employee.

“Theo is 12 years old and has never traveled alone. The service is paid for and confirmed by the company. On the day of departure, I received a message that the service was canceled. The reason Lufthansa cites is that Bulgaria is part of the Russian Federation!” — George Panayotov was indignant.

The Ambassador noted that this incident caused psychological trauma to his child. Later, Panayotov said that the crew of the plane helped his son find the right flight and added that he considered the words of the airline's representatives “absurd and scandalous.”

Georgy Panayotov also mentioned that he was not going to seek compensation from the airline, but he was counting on explanations. He refused the help of the media, thanking journalists for their interest in his story.

“I have no doubt that this incident is associated with illiteracy, semi-literacy, ignorance. Which is very bad, but not dramatic, and even more tragic . I hope Theo will take this as an annoyance of life and I hope that this will not happen to anyone!”, the Bulgarian Ambassador concluded.

Focus also wrote that the Bulgarian government agreed with oil company “Lukoil” to export Russian oil products to the EU countries, bypassing the embargo. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the deal will bring an additional 350 million euros to the Bulgarian budget.

We also reported on what kind of military equipment Bulgaria can send to Ukraine. For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, old-style weapons compatible with NATO standards will be allocated. This decision follows the vote of the National Assembly of Bulgaria for the relevant resolution.