This is someone who cannot be crucified under any circumstances. I would have known this earlier …


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Stupid superstitions and important moments of baptism.

This is someone who cannot be taken as a cross under any circumstances. I would have known this earlier...

Godfathers — angels on earth who are called to help a small person start a spiritual life, who will protect him from temptations. The choice of godparents affects the future of the child, this should always be remembered, informs Ukr.Media.

Who should not be baptized< /p>

You cannot take a girl under the age of 14 as a godmother, godfathers — a young man younger than 15 years old. Only after reaching this age can one engage in spiritual education.

Monks and nuns cannot be crucified under any circumstances. People with mental illnesses cannot be crucified. It is forbidden to call a married man and woman to the cross. The church forbids godmothers to marry. The child's parents cannot be godparents.

Who can be baptized against superstitions

People believe that one cannot take an unmarried woman as a godmother for a girl, and as a godmother for a boy — unmarried man He will take away happiness, take everything for himself!

Of course, this is a ridiculous superstition. It has no Christian roots. Another superstition — about pregnant women who cannot be taken as godmothers. The Church does not forbid this! The only point that can cause excitement: whether the godmother will be comfortable to endure the entire baptism, whether she will have enough strength. To a large extent, it depends on the state of health and the period of pregnancy of a woman.

What is selfless love, how to recognize the boundaries between good and evil, what is faith, conscience, patience and mercy: about everything spiritual parents should tell this to the godchild at every meeting. This is the main gift!

It is difficult to understand and accept such a statement. In our country, it is customary to bring money and toys to the godchild's house, and it is customary to spend idle time with the child. That's great, of course! But many forget that godparents — primarily spiritual mentors.

The sacrament of baptism of a child is performed once. Under no circumstances should a child be baptized, no matter what happens!


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