This is the 850T robot vacuum cleaner, from Proscenic

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This is the robot vacuum cleaner 850T, by Proscenic

The brand < strong>Proscenic has put on the international market a wide range of vacuum cleaners (brooms and robots) among which one of the latest models stands out, the  850T,It provides a high and efficient level of power. It is a device that adds to its general characteristics a state-of-the-art technology to move your navigation system, and remove dirt on different types of surface. For control, the equipment includes buttons on the top, a remote control, the option of voice commands (compatible with Alexa and Google Home) and a dedicated app, which facilitates more comfortable handling. and complete of the robot.

Note that it is a multifunction model that provides solutions for sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing.

Outstanding features

< p>Proscenic 850T, as mentioned, is characterized by a suction power that reaches 3,000 Pascals, a figure that places it above other models in the same price range of the competition. This suction capacity achieves good results against dust, hair and larger particles, and on all types of floors, both hard and carpets.

It provides three levels of power, to choose the mode depending on the type and amount of dirt. Even at the most powerful level it is not excessively noisy and the silent mode works at 62 decibels.

The multifunction brush combines bristles and rubber to optimize the collection, and its two side brushes effectively push the dirt towards the center. Another central brush has a high density of bristles that complements the work of the set.

The size of the robot is small, it is 32.5 centimeters in diameter and about 7.5 centimeters wide. ;meters high, allowing you to clean under beds and furniture.

The 850T in the scrubbing function allows you to choose the liquid flow between three levels, depending on the degree of dirt and the type of floor: low, for wooden floors or light dirt; medium; for the day to day; and high, for situations in which a more thorough cleaning is needed or desired.


It integrates a 2,600 mAh lithium battery that offers an autonomy of close to 150 minutes. When it finishes its charge, it returns to the base to recharge and to be able to continue with the assigned tasks.

Navigation system

It is fully loaded. Equipped with an advanced navigation system IPNAS 2.0 that follows a logical and orderly route so as not to leave anything behind. This system, compared to other similar products, is faster, since it does not go through the same site twice.

is It is prepared to exceed up to 1.5 centimeters, so it towers over thin and medium-thick carpets. Using vBoost technology, it activates the turbo when it detects that it is running. on tissue.


It has a tank system with a good capacity, both for solids and for the solid-liquid mix. The solids tank is 500 milliliters, which makes it possible to clean a standard-size home more than once, while the 2-in-1 reaches 300 milliliters for water and 280 for collect solid dirt.

Mobile app

Operation via the app makes it easy to control from a distance, so you can easily pick up solid dirt. how to program it so that it performs its functions at convenient times. Likewise, it offers information regarding the battery level or the cleaned surface, and allows you to choose between different modes: automatic, borders, specific area…

The user can establish a prohibited zone by means of an included magnetic system (band). suction, a very outstanding figure within the mid-range. Automatically activates turbo on carpets.

IPNAS 2.0 technology allows you to make a systematic and efficient navigation, going through the entire home in less time.

Versatile control using the buttons on the top, with the remote control, through voice commands (compatible with Alexa and Google Home) or through the app.

It is a 4-in-1 robot that sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs.

Its compact measurements allow it to clean under beds and furniture, reaching difficult areas.

It has  with a large 500 ml container so you don't have to empty the dust often. It is equipped with an additional 2-in-1 tank for water.

A charge of its 2600mAh battery provides up to almost 150 minutes of cleaning. It returns to the charging base to recharge when the battery is low. Low.

Vboost professional carpet detection automatically recognizes the fabric and switches to maximum suction power for cleaning.


The Proscenic 850T multifunction robot is sold for around 239 euros.