This is the end for Google Hangouts


It’s the end for Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts was already being replaced by Google Chats since 2021.

The Google messaging system that supported several workers during the pandemic is finally bowing out. Google Hangouts, which is already being replaced by its big brother Google Chat, will no longer be available starting this fall.

Starting Monday, users of the mobile app or chrome extension will see a notification appear on the screen asking them to use Google Chat.

The most persistent however, they will still be able to use the Google Hangouts web interface until the end of November.

The tech giant describes Google Chat as a more modern version and offering more features than Google Hangouts.

Google has had several messaging systems over the years, such as Google Talk and Google Allo.

The messaging system allows in particular to use Google Docs, Slides or Sheets in the same interface as the messaging system.

It also includes the Space functionality, which hosts group discussions that can be linked to specific themes or projects.

Note that conversations started on Google Hangouts are also available in Google Chat.

Google Hangouts has a loyal following, however, who have questioned the end of their messaging system since 2020.

At the time, the Californian company indicated that Google Chat will become free in 2021, and t that it would migrate users from Google Hangouts to this platform.


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