This is the end of the minigame site as we know it

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This is the end of the minigames site as we know it

The site created in the United Kingdom in 2001 n only shows two games left: 8 Ball Pooland

Virtual world “Club Penguin” has been very successful on website.

Bubble Trouble,Red Beard,Club Penguin… The site no longer hosts the hundreds of free minigames that rocked an entire generation of young people in the 2000s.

If this is a surprise for many nostalgic people who have been rising up on social networks for a few days, Miniclip had nevertheless announced the change in the vocation of its site in March 2022. has turned into a showcase where you can read the latest news on its mobile games, but also job offers and other information about the company. You can also start games for two latest games: 8 Ball Pooland

It's been a while that it is no longer possible to play most of the titles of his childhood on the site created in 2001. The great Flash unplugging, which occurred in January 2021, is partly responsible for this, but it was above all the decision of Miniclip to migrate a good part of its games on mobile which must be pointed out.

Since 2010, some classic titles can be played from a smartphone, through downloadable applications from the App Store. These titles include Soccer Stars, 8 Ball Pool, Golf Battleand Football Strike.

Over the past 21 years, Miniclip has undergone a huge transformation and it's become clear that [on mobile] our players are most engaged. We therefore want to maximize our efforts to offer the best possible experiences on mobile, can we read in a FAQ on the Miniclip site.

Miniclip adds that it does not #x27;is not in its plans to continue to support large-scale online games, as the company used to do.

Gamers can also turn to the site of the developers of their favorite games to find the platforms on which to play them.

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