This is the graphic tablet U1600, from Ugee

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This is the graphic tablet U1600, from Ugee

Within the broad segment of accessories and computer products, graphic digitizing tablets are as useful as they are little known, despite the fact that, little by little, they are positioning themselves in a prominent place for many workers. , artists and hobbyists, because these electronic devices are easy and intuitive.

A graphic or digitizing tablet is a peripheral, a data entry system to a computer, designed to record graphs or drawings made by hand. It mainly consists of a touch screen and a pen. With these tools any stroke or writing will be easy. accurately moved to a monitor, so it can be stored and recorded.

In this scenario, the Hanvon Technology Group company, founded in 1998, develops and manufactures digital handwriting and drawing equipment. The group was successfully listed in 2010 among the most prominent companies in its sector and has offices in numerous countries. It is a company that, to date, ranks second in its segment. 

Ugee brand products are mainly used for online teaching, freelancers, techies, computer scientists, computer graphics enthusiasts, and young artists.

Within the catalog of this company there is an interesting novelty: the U1600 tablet that is characterized by: 

Optimal quality screen that allows you to make all kinds of drawings < /p>

Reproduces colors very close to natural ones

It has developed a new battery-free stylus with a pressure-sensitive eraser that responds well, with precise strokes


In addition to a drawing monitor, it provides capabilities such as being able to connect to the switchAndroid phone

Product description

This tablet has a weight of around 1.32 kilograms, which allows it to be moved there. where needed, or draw while holding it. 

Supports Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.10 (or later), Android 6.0 (or later), Chrome OS 88 ( or later) and Linux. It is also compatible with Android, allowing you to create and take notes even on mobile.

The pen offers a high degree of sensitivity and works without battery, you can create natural-looking lines with different widths and thicknesses, giving you the same feeling as drawing with a pencil or brush .

Includes 10 hotkeys that can be programmed to customize eraser, undo, canvas zoom in/out and other functions common in various software applications. 

< p>It offers good possibilities in education, teachers can visually create and explain interactive content by writing and annotating directly on their files and sharing their screen in real time. Students can take quick notes and collaborate with teachers and classmates.


The U1600 allows you to perform movements that are inconceivable for the classic mouse, providing fluidity and precision. Not only does it offer more movement around the screen, it also supports different levels of pressure.

Do not forget that excessive use of the mouse for high precision tasks or prolonged use they usually lead to chronic discomfort. The use of graphics tablets is prohibited. already approved and recommended to avoid this type of problem.

Another outstanding aspect is that it allows everything to be registered automatically through digital storage software. This makes real-time editing more convenient than on paper, and offers to collect your work and easily manipulate or share it.

Conforms to program features usual. With this, the hand can make comfortable movements on the digital area causing different results depending on the selected settings. One tool for many uses. 

Features Summary

Ture-FHD display: Adobe RGB 94% + sRGB 127% + NTSC 90%: The U1600 graphics tablet uses Ture-Full high-definition technology, suitable for digital drawing, animation, sketching, photo editing, 3D sculpting and more. 

15.4″ FHD (1920 x 1080) Full HD resolution, 178° full view screen to fully display the image (input: HDMI V1.4 Max FHD 60Hz), compatible with Adobe RGB 94%, sRGB 127%, NTSC 90% gamut, realistic color display. 

AG anti-glare screen-fit film; ultra-low visual error can improve creation accuracy, reduce discomfort and errors caused by positioning deviation. Reduces errors and fatigue caused by positioning deviation. AG anti-glare film can greatly reduce the reflection of external light, reduce the stimulation and injury of external light to the user's eyes, better protect the user.

Stylus without ±60° Tilt Battery: The U1600 tablet comes with battery-free stylus, traditional pen touch, non-slip, flexible sticky grip, 8192 pressure sensitivity, 10 ink tips spare, digital eraser, ± 60 degrees. Allows you to draw from different angles depending on the pressure difference, each stroke is what you want it to be. 

Plug and Play. The U1600 drawing tablet is fully functional with USB-C. Includes 3IN1 cable (HDMI and 2 USB). Type-C to Type-C connections are also supported, with a full-featured Type-C cable (not included) allowing simultaneous transmission of data, power, and DP signals. < /p>


Ugee's U1600 is on sale. available for about 370 euros.