This is the iRobot Roomba i5+ robot vacuum cleaner


    This is the iRobot Roomba i5+ robot vacuum cleaner

    The seriesRoomba i5 that the company iRobot has recently presented to the market is configured as a product specially designed for small houses, but it does not give up any of the advantages of the brand, which he recommends for second homes. It consists of two models, the i5+ (with emptying station) and i5 without this accessory.

    Compatible with Google Assistants, Alexa, and Siri, Roomba i5 and i5+ feature remarkable suction power and Imprint Smart Mapping technology, as well as powerful suction. as with the iRobot OS operating system, which makes it possible to offer new functions and greater customization. 

    These new products respond to the brand strategy, aimed at expanding the number of products to adjust to the needs of the consuming public, in the words of Stefan Bernard, General Manager of iRobot EMEA: “The Roomba i5 and i5+ robots expand what we currently have on the market to offer not only exceptional intelligence, performance and value, but also greater customization and control thanks to the iRobot home intelligence software.”

    Job Customization

    Roomba i5/i5+ enables customizable cleaning thanks to intelligent mapping Imprint Smart Mapping, with which users will be able to send the robot to clean specific rooms through the iRobot Home app, or through one of the compatible voice assistants. The system will send Suggestions for estimated cleaning times can be made, and routines can be created based on schedules and preferred rooms.

    Comfort of use

    The equipment allows you to forget about cleaning the residuals for a long time thanks to the Clean Base automatic dirt removal system, which allows the Roomba i5+ to empty itself into an AllergenLock bag and capture 99% from pollen and mold. It has capacity for up to 60 days of cleaning.

    Smart features

    It works intelligently by moving through the house in neat, logical rows, using tracking sensors to vacuum wood and carpet. It features recharge and resume functionality, so you can return to your cradle to charge when you need to and pick up work later, right where you left off.


    The tests carried out on the equipment reveal an optimal result in terms of cleaning on all types of floorsThanks to the two multi-surface rubber brushes and a high suction power that extracts dirt, debris and pet hair. Note that the system integrates a corner or edge brush to reach any space in the home.

    Permanent update

    The Roomba i5/i5+ integrate the operating system as a brain iRobot OS, capable of keeping up to date with the latest smart mapping, app and voice control features. It also includes the locking system for children and pets, the function “Do not disturb” and room-specific cleaning preferences. 

    With Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri integrations, it's possible to start a cleaning job using voice commands. 


    Roomba i5/i5+ has Imprint Link Coordination technology that allows it to work as a team with the iRobot Braava jet m6 mopping robot. When the first one finishes vacuuming, he takes over from the second one to start scrubbing. 

    The product in use

    Roomba i5+, due to its characteristics and configuration, is a suitable option to carry out housework, also during vacation periods.

    The appiRobot Home offers interesting control possibilities, it has intelligent mapping, which allows the robot to be sent to clean specific rooms (both through the application and voice assistants), offering personalization. n adapted to each situation.

    Thanks to the self-emptying function, you do not have to worry about touching the robot for months, nor do you have to worry about charging it, since it returns to its base when it runs out of battery to recharge and resume the job until it is finished.

    The cleaning results are optimal thanks to its two multi-surface rubber brushes, its corner brush and its power, which allow to extract dirt, debris and pet hair. 

    An interesting fact is that thanks to artificial intelligence it allows you to enjoy the latest intelligent mapping functions, control by app and voice. It includes the “Lock for children and pets” system, the “Do not disturb” and specific cleaning preferences as needed.


    Features the latest softwareiRobot's home intelligence and uses Imprint Smart Mapping technology for navigation providing personalized cleaning.

    It moves in orderly routes, both on floors and carpets and does not leave work ( automatically recharges the battery) until the process is finished.

    It has a premium cleaning system in 3 stages. It uses two multi-surface rubber brushes and allows suction to catch embedded dirt, debris and pet hair. Dirt Detect technology recognizes and removes dirt from high-traffic places around the house, and the edge brush is ready to help. specially designed to remove dirt from corners.

    The automatic emptying system has enough capacity to collect the contents of a minimum of 60 days. Uses an AllergenLock bag designed with four layers of allergen-blocking material to trap 99% of mold, dust, mites, and allergens from cats and dogs.

    Thanks to the iRobot OS operating system and artificial intelligence, the equipment offers a high customizable cleaning capacity that learns routines and suggests personalized programs based on recurring cleaning patterns. Gets smarter over time thanks to software updatesand new features. Recommends extra cleaning when it's allergy season and pollen counts are high, even during pet shedding season.


    Roomba i5+ with The Clean Base self-emptying station can be purchased for €699. Roomba i5 can also be purchased without Clean Base with an MSRP of €449. 

    The company behind the machine

    30 years of history and More than 30 million robots sold worldwide. These are figures that mark the history of iRobot and that have recently achieved a new success and have managed to clean 39 billion meters during all these years, which is equivalent to 374 million football fields.  In this time, these robots have traveled a distance of nearly 40 million kilometers in homes around the world, the equivalent of traveling to the moon and back a total of 52 times .


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