This is the latest AirDrop on iPhone

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This is the latest airdrop AirDrop on iPhone

After releasing the new generations of iPhone and iPad, Apple continues to apply changes to its devices . The last of them consists of a modification as subtle as it is important in the AirDrop technology. As of version iOS 16.2, whose arrival is expected soon. iPhones will no longer have the 'Everyone'' option activated before the end of the year, after 10 minutes of using the data transfer system. files between devices.

In this way, the privacy of the users will be restricted as they go. This will be automatically and they will no longer be able to receive files from unknown sourceswithout having to update their configuration.

Three modalities

AirDrop is a file transfer system that allows you to exchange completely wireless photos, videos, audio, links or other documents between devices. from Apple. This technology uses Bluetooth to link to another device and create its own Wi-Fi network. In this way, devices are not required to be connected to the same network or through cables; simply staying within a suitable Bluetooth range can achieve this connection.

In addition, AirDrop has three different visibility modes. On the one hand, you can deactivate the reception of files, with which the system would be completely off if this function is activated. Another option is known as 'Only contacts' , which allows the exchange of content exclusively with known devices. Finally, the 'Everyone' mode would leave this system open to any other Apple device. Until now, this mode had unlimited functionality, but in the next edition of iOS it will be disabled. automatically after 10 minutes of use.