This is the Logitech G502 X gaming mouse

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This is how is the Logitech G502 X gaming mouse

The Logitech G brand has in its product catalog with the G502 X mouse, in different versions and with outstanding improvements. The G502 X continues the legacy of optimal gaming performance, meticulously redesigning the G502 form factor and upgrading with advanced gaming technologies, including the introduction of Hybrid Switches. Optical-mechanical Lightforce.

In statements by Ujesh Desai, Vice President and General Manager of Logitech Gaming: “We have recreated the iconic G502 with design and engineering updates. With lighter materials and cutting-edge technology, it promises to continue the G502 tradition of achieving maximum performance and total control.”

Present technology

All versions of the G502 X incorporate the optical-mechanical hybrid switches Lightforce that manage good speed and reliability as well. as a precise drive. It is a micro switch technology that combines the benefits of optical with the feel of mechanical actuation. Optical switches deliver fast, optimal performance throughout the life of the mouse.

It uses galvanized contact pieces that work just like mechanical switches, to maintain the crisp feel. The result is that the optical and mechanical triggers are designed in unison, offering optimal performance when gaming. Hybrid Lightforce switches provide ultra-low latency optical actuation combined with the attributes of mechanical clicks.

Feature Highlights

The G502 X features a revamped, reversible and removable DPI shift button to accommodate different hand sizes and grip styles, and a redesigned stable scroll wheel with less weight. It retains the G502's iconic hyper-fast and precise infinity scrolling modes, USB-C charging for the wireless versions, as well as the G502. as an ultra-slim structure that reduces weight and provides rigidity.

It comes equipped with the Hero 25K gaming sensor, which offers 1-1 ratio accuracy at the sub-micron level and with Zero smoothing, acceleration and filtering technologies.

Wireless activity and performance coupled with Lightforce technology makes the G502 X response times 68% faster than the previous generation. The Ligtspeed wireless protocol upgrade also makes it possible to connect two devices to one receiver using the device pairing tool in G HUB.

The series is compatible with the brand's wireless charging mats for unlimited battery life without cables.

Note that the G502 X Plus model It comes with customizable 8-LED fluid lighting that adapts as the user plays, startup and shutdown effects, and battery optimization through active gaming detection.

The three versions are available in black and white.


The suggested prices are 79, 139 and 159 euros respectively, for the wired, wireless, and Plus versions.