This is the miniseries of 8 chapters that you cannot miss


    In this story, two young women, a vampire and a hunter of supernatural creatures, unexpectedly fall in love when they seek to kill each other

    This is the 8-chapter miniseries episodes you can't miss

    Credits: Source: Netflix Posted in ENTERTAINMENT on 6/18/2022 · 09:00 a.m. Share this article

    A groundbreaking story revolving around vampires and LGBTQ+ diversitylanded on the streaming platform. It is about  The first death (First Kill), a teen series that recently premiered on Netflix and has caused a great impact. 

    This miniseries lasts 8 chapters and It is based on the production of the American writer Victoria Schwab, considered a contemporary figure in children's literature, who presents a story of forbidden love between two very different young people: one is marked by the vampire gene and the other comes from a lineage of monster hunters. Both will try to take their lives, but the feelings of love will be stronger than the rivalry between their clans.

    “Falling in love is not an easy thing for teenagers Juliette and Calliope. One is a vampire, the other is a vampire slayer… and both are ready to kill”, explains the review that has been officially released ofThe first death. 

    It is that the First Death  presents Juliette, a sweet, kind girl who feeds on blood capsules to avoid carrying out her first death as vampire. She refuses to be a monster and is delaying that moment, but her body no longer reacts in the same way and that big step must be taken now. 

    This is the 8-chapter miniseries that you can't you can get lost

    Source: Netflix

    In addition to her complicated present, the young vampire's life becomes even more complicated when she falls in love with the new girl in school: Calliope, a young woman who is the complete opposite to her. In addition, the cast of The First Death is made up of Sarah Catherine Hook, Imani Lewis and Elizabeth Mitchell.