Home Art This is the new fryer without oil and with grill, from Moulinex

This is the new fryer without oil and with grill, from Moulinex

This is the new Moulinex oil-free fryer with grill

The < strong>Moulinex Easy Fry & grill It is an appliance that combines the functions of a fryer without oil with those of a grill. In addition to this dual technology, there is a non-stick cast aluminum grill grid, to be able to cook meats and vegetables. < /p>

One of the distinguishing features of this product is that it integrates an extra crispy systemto achieve a balance of temperature and hot air flow from which crisp, browned foods are obtained, with little or no added oil. According to the manufacturer itself, up to 700 grams of French fries can be made with 8 ml of oil compared to the traditional frying of 2 litres. In the tests carried out on the equipment, crispy potatoes have been obtained without any oil. 

It has a capacity of 4.2 liters, which allows you to prepare portions for up to 6 people.

Present technologies

It is not an easy task to achieve the balance of temperature and air flow for cooking, that is why not all oil-free fryers offer the expected results. The Moulinex model provides a precise temperature control system and with customization possibilities, to get dishes to taste, without oil. It has also added its exclusive technology ;to grill, with a non-stick die-cast aluminum grill that offers tender and juicy cooking in almost half the time and with less energy. 

It has of a digital panelintuitive access, 16 different functions and dehydration option, to prepare snacks

The model is accompanied by suggestive and healthy recipes to create a round product: a fryer that breaks all the myths and provides up to 99% less added fat than a traditional fryer.

Assessment n

The results of this product in daily use are satisfactory, both in food flavor and texture, in addition to achieving healthier dishes.

Beyond that; from being a fashionable appliance, it is an appliance that deserves to have its space in the kitchen, since the prices are not at all high.

The Air Pulse system makes the flow of hot air circulate cyclonically, resulting in crispy results with little or no oil.

In addition to frying, it can be used as a grill, or for roasting or baking recipes. Fried vegetables come out very crispy.

Added features

The equipment allows you to prepare portions for a family, with different cooking modes -including oven cooking-, with temperature selector to cook each dish at its exact temperature and with an easy-to-use digital display.

Another notable feature is its compact design with an exclusive basket system that offers optimal capacity, with a touch screen that facilitates its use.

It is a product that can be repaired for 10 years. ;os.

Summary of features

2-IN-1 TECHNOLOGY: fryer and grill in one.

EXTRA CRISPY TECHNOLOGY: Delivers results golden and crispy with little or no oil: 99% less added fat.

GRILL TECHNOLOGY: Non-stick, die-cast aluminum grill for meat, vegetables fish. No fumes.

FAST COOKING: 49% faster than a conventional oven (tested on 700g French fries compared to a convection oven of the same brand, with lower energy consumption and less fat.

CAPACITY of 4.2 L for up to 6 people. 

8 automatic PROGRAMS.

16 FUNCTIONS: French fries, vegetables, batter, chicken, pizza, desserts, bread, seafood, lasagna, fish, au gratin, roast chestnuts, empanadas, dehydrate, frozen and grill.

POWER: 1400W

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: Precision temperature control (from 80 ° C to 200 ° C). 

USABILITY: Intuitive digital control panel with several functions and a 60-minute timer and automatic alert.

CLEANING: The bowl and the grill are dishwasher safe.

ONLINE RECIPE BOOK: 30 dishes.< /p>

PRICE: About 160 eur you.

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