This is the original collection of Polaroid speakers

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This is the original Polaroid speaker collection

The Polaroid company, well known in the international market for its photography products that harmonize art and science, has recently entered the segment of sound products creating a range called Polaroid Music. This attractive family includes four music players, simply called P1, P2, P3 and P4, which work wirelessly, Bluetooth, and make available to the user an experimental music discovery service called < strong>Polaroid Radio, next to the Polaroid Music app. These are devices with which the firm fully enters the world of sound.

“Great musicians and photographers capture what we can't always put into words. They make us feel. We're new to music, but we want to bring as much color and emotion as we can. We're “We are excited about this new chapter while remaining as committed as ever to instant photography,” Oskar Smolokowski, President of Polaroid, told media.

All models, according to brand sources, reflect Polaroid's iconic design language and are designed to have fun while enjoying music. This may be so. because instead of a product offer featuring algorithms, the P1, P2, P3 and P4 speakers are defined as sensory objects instead of simple extensions of the 'smartphone'. Polaroid Radio, the service for listening to playlists created by musicians and artists, also collaborates in this.

Polaroid Radio is the heart and soul of the Polaroid Players and it's here. It will be available on the brand's website or through the Polaroid Music application, which once again puts the radio in the hands of real people: artists, DJs and selectors who offer current and timeless classic songs. It is an experimental version of Internet radio, which has five FM stations in evolution, free and without advertising. Like five sound worlds without pause, or skip, or rewind.


The P1 and P2 have a compact design that can be clipped to a belt loop or bag to take sound anywhere. While P3 and P4 are rather nods to the old school. Of course, much more colorful and vibrant than those old speakers.

They all feature the traditional red button that pays homage to the legacy of instant photography and classic camera shooting. The analog dial on the player is off. Purposely designed to change stations on Polaroid Radio without picking up the phone. This adds an analog experience for very easy handling, suitable even for the little ones in the house.

Each music player also has a dial that lets you switch between the new stations on Polaroid Radio, a discovery service the brand is supporting. launching along with the 'hardware'.

In the four players there are five stations with lists created by musicians, artists and creators, free and without advertising.


Polaroid Players are available at and in stores in a selection of colors inspired by the Polaroid Color Spectrum. And their prices are as follows:

P1: €59.99; P2: €129.99; P3: €189.99; P4: €289.99