This is the Oslo fan with wifi, from Ufesa


    This is the Oslo fan with wifi, from Ufesa

    arrived summer and, as a result of climate change problems, increasingly intense heat waves follow each other. On the other hand, the current price of energy makes it necessary to rationalize the use of air conditioning and seek solutions that reduce the bill as much as possible. In this scenario, a good fan is a solution to consider, especially if it provides advantages such as Wi-Fi connectivity and remote control, in addition to other technologies that make it easier to do suitable and efficient use at home.

    The alternative proposed by Ufesa with its tower fan Oslo modelIt allows you to keep your room cool with reduced energy consumption and with the convenience of added technologies such as remote control, Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile application and touch panel. Silent operation completes its attractive business card: Tower fan with 45 W of power, three speeds and three operating modes. It has oscillation to the right and left and a 12-hour timer. It has a Wi-Fi connection and a mobile application to control it.

    Featured values

    Traditional appliances have also been incorporating, step by step, technological solutions that improve their operation and make them more efficient and rational. The Ufesa company, a manufacturer of small appliances, has recently expanded its air conditioning catalog with the Oslo tower fan, which includes a wi-fi connection and which, with its 45 W of power, provides optimal airflow. Likewise, it is equipped with a touch panel and LED display with temperature indicator. This fan has a 12-hour timer, 3 speeds, 3 operating modes and left/right oscillation, which allows fresh air to be distributed throughout the room.

    In terms of design, its low noise level and its reduced dimensions (81 cm in height) stand out, making it a device to be placed in any space.

    The idea behind the machine

    When it becomes necessary to lower the temperature of the house by a few degrees, either because air conditioning is not available or because you want to rationalize consumption, there are solutions to keep the home at a lower temperature. In this scenario, we must not ignore the commitment to a fan, which can be a tower fan, due to how easy it is to move from one place to another and because this modality is capable of providing a powerful and pleasant flow of air, with an adjusted price. The new models also provide an important technological contribution such as a remote control, to operate it from the sofa and there are even those with digital formats to know exactly what to use. temperature is the room.


    The Oslo tower fan developed by Ufesa provides optimal airflow, supported by Wi-Fi connectivity technology and an app that allows you to select different operating configurations and use it remotely.

    There are different control options: Touch panel and its remote control. You can also see the room temperature on the LED screen.

    To complement the use, it has 3 speeds and 3 operating modes to regulate the intensity of the air flow depending on the needs of every moment.

    Added values

    Allows you to connect via Wi-Fi to the free Ufesa Connect application available for Android and iOS. With 45W of power, it provides an air flow that will ventilate the stay quickly.

    In addition to through the app, it can be controlled from the touch panel of the fan itself or with the remote control Incorporated. Its LED screen with temperature indicator allows you to permanently control the temperature.

    With 3 speeds displayed on the screen: low/medium/high and 3 modes: normal/natural/sleep. With oscillating movement from left to right of 70 degrees. It also has a timer of up to 12h to leave the fan programmed for the desired time.

    With a tall design of 81 cm and a narrow body, it allows storage anywhere.

    It has protection against overheating, which will allow use it without any risk.

    Technical characteristics

    WiFi connection (Ufesa connect app)

    Touch panel with remote control

    LED display with temperature indicator

    Height 81 cm

    12-hour timer

    3 speeds

    3 operating modes

    Oscillation left/right

    45W power, powerful airflow

    Protection against overheating.

    Price: 75 euros.