This is the Philips 243S1 monitor

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This is the 243S1-monitor by Philips

Recently, the Philips 243S1 monitor, characterized by offering Full HD resolution and incorporating a Dock of USB-C connection makes it easy to get started in multitasking environments. It has ‘off-road’ and incorporates features suitable for work in any scenario.


At 24”inches, it has an IPS screen with Full HD resolution and incorporates a USB-C connection Dock so it charges, transfers data and projects the image of the laptop. useful at the same time.

The reversible USB-C connector allows for an easy, single-cable connection that transfers data while recharging your laptop without having to plug your own charger into power. This connector allows multi-screen configuration.

In addition to this new standard, the Philips 243S1 has an Rthernet RJ-45 input to offer data security, as well ; as well as an HDMI 1.4 input, a DisplayPort 1.2, and 4 USB-A inputs to connect any peripheral or device.

The equipment in use

The monitor incorporates a SmartErgo base that allows the screen to be adjusted with a tilt of +25/-5, the possibility of rotating 180ยบ; for vertical vision and increase its height up to 130 millimeters.

To ensure that long sessions in front of the screen do not cause eye fatigue, dryness or redness of the eyes, it complies with the < strong>TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort. It also offers wide viewing angles to avoid any reduction in image quality when viewed from different angles.< /p>

Note that a comfortable user experience is possible thanks to the Flicker-Free technology, its LowBlue mode and the reading experience similar to paper with the EasyRea mode.

< h3>Featured Benefits

Options such as setting up multiple displays in a daisy-chain system and the TUV-certified eye comfort function reduce eye strain.

 Its compact and reversible USB-C connector offers an easy connection with a single cable. Simplifies connection of all peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse, and RJ-45 Ethernet cable, to the monitor base station.

The IPS screen uses a technology with extra wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees, which makes it possible to view content from almost any angle.

With the TUV Eye Comfort certificate, it manages a flicker-free technology, LowBlue mode, a wide viewing angle and less reduction in image quality from different angles, in addition to avoid reflections.

The SmartErgoBase includes a cable management system. The base is adjustable in height, tilt and swivel angle

Integrates a pair of stereo speakers into the display device.

This screen has a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080.