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This is the Q7 Max +, from Roborock

This is the Q7 Max+, from Roborock

The Q7 Max+ model from RoborockIt is, at first glance, an attractive cleaning robot that once started shows its capabilities, above all, in the efficiency of its self-emptying system and its cleaning power. It stands out for its advanced navigation system and the provision of a brush made of new materials that prevents tangles. It has what you are looking for in a robot: power, autonomy, an easy and intuitive application , with more features.

so Thus, Roborock adds to its product portfolio a mid-range self-emptying base package and robotic vacuum cleaner, the Roborock Q7 Max+, which arrives at a good price and with remarkable features. The Q series integrates the usual features of the brand's high-end, S series, including LiDAR navigation and customization of app controls, in addition to the automatic emptying system, a feature that is in high demand in today's market.

“We consider automatic emptying as a must for robotic vacuuming. In addition to the obvious benefit of reduced manual emptying, exposure to allergens is reduced,” said Richard Chang, CEO and founder of Roborock. “We will be making all future robot vacuums compatible with a self-emptying option, and with this new mid-range Q-series we hope to bring this convenience to more homes,” said Chang< /strong>.


4200PA suction power works in coordination with a rubber brush to remove deep-seated dirt from carpets and floor crevices. The brush is resistant to tangles, so its maintenance is simple.

The equipment scrubs and vacuums simultaneously, exerting a constant pressure of 300 g and with 30 levels of water flow, to be able to customize the results.

It features a redesigned Auto-Empty Dock Pure that automatically empties the bin after each cleaning cycle, allowing the user to forget about emptying the machine for seven weeks. 

Works with the laser navigation systemPresciSense that maps and plans a cleaning path, while allowing you to select the most convenient mode, including scheduling and even custom routine settings, such as a deep kitchen clean after every meal.

It also stands out for a new 3D mapping function in the application that makes it easy to place larger furniture, such as sofas or beds, on the map, to that the space of the house is better worked. Offers the option to clean around furniture with one tap in the app.

The 350ml water reservoir and 470ml dust reservoir have been combined for ease of use.

The child lock option prevents these and&nbsp pets can accidentally turn on the robot vacuum cleaner.

Added Values

When the robot finishes cleaning, it returns to the charging station and dust bin It cleans itself automatically with the high performance dust suction function. The 2.5 liter dust bag only needs to be replaced when it is worn out. full.

It has Improved suction power which is 4200 Pa and more easily removes dirt from floors and carpets. Solid rubber brush increases durability and increases tangle resistance. Detailed and effective home mapping and comprehensive cleaning.

The navigation system allows the robot to navigate efficiently around the home and map the surface in detail using laser technology. The mechanism makes it easy to choose specific areas and customize the type of cleaning

They are equipped with a dust and water tank to vacuum and scrub at the same time. The electronic water tank keeps the mop wet during cleaning and can adjust the flow to suit different situations. The pressure is constant at 300g.

As the battery life has been optimized, it supports up to 180 minutes of operation. 

The Roborock Smart app works with home control devices. Alexa voice and Google Assistant.

The machine in use

Vacuums floors and carpets with 4200 Pa power, Adds extra power to carpets, carpet boost mode to vacuum them more thoroughly.

The silicone brush that collects all kinds of dirt, prevents hair from accumulating.

The lithium battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh, provides a range of 3 hours.

It has a mixed tank that allows the functions of vacuuming and scrubbing at the same time

Thanks to an intelligent operating system, the robot can be programmed to clean for several weeks and there will only be a few minutes. You have to change the airtight bag every 7 weeks.

Tests show that it performs precise mapping and cleans by tracing orderly routes after scanning the spaces of the house. No missing or repeating areas, which makes the cleaning process faster.

Its sensor system ensures that furniture is not hit. It does not collide, it avoids them.

Its application allows create cleaning routines and schedules.


The Q7 Max+ is available. available in black and white for a PVP of 649 euros, while the Q7 Max robot (without emptying tank), also for sale, has a PVP of 449 euros.

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