This is the range of batteries for outdoor River 2, from EcoFlow

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This is the range of River 2 outdoor batteries, from EcoFlow

EcoFlow, dedicated to the development of portable and sustainable energy solutions, today launched the new generation of its River 2 range made up of three models: River 2, Max and Pro, which are characterized by incorporating the technology X-Stream, which makes it possible to charge it to 80% in 48 minutes.

“The launch of the RIVER 2 series is a reflection of EcoFlow's commitment to solving real-life problems through development of products adapted to the needs of each person”, explained Bruce WangCEO of EcoFlow. “In an uncertain economic and environmental landscape, we want to make clean, portable power accessible to everyone, everywhere. The series offers practical, flexible and affordable power solutions for outdoor adventures.” free or during unexpected power outages at home”, says Wang.

One of the differentiating characteristicsOf this second generation of batteries is its useful life, six times greater than the average of the sector. Prices start at €299, and another benefit is that it is easy to transport, due to its good grip and low weight, which does not reach 4Kg. It is a compact device that can be installed without problems at home, and is very useful in outdoor activities.

Solution for unforeseen events

EcoFlow's exclusive X-Stream technology recharges on average five times faster than similar products on the market. The standard model of the brand can be recharged from 0 to 100% in 60 minutes, and even the model with the highest capacity, 2 Pro, reaches full charge in 70 minutes. As a result, a continuous power supply will always be available, where and when it is needed, so as not to lose the connection during a day of travel, as well as to face any unforeseen power outage at home. .

It provides the added value of being able to be charged using solar energy, thus offering an easy way to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle, making the creation of an ecosystem independent of the current electrical network a reality. With a maximum solar input of 220W, it can be fully recharged in about three hours, using the portable solar panels developed by the brand.


All three models in the series are equipped with long-lasting LiFePO4 (LFP) batteries. Compared to the industry average of 500 cycles, they achieve 6 times greater longevity, performing 3,000 cycles in a lifetime and allowing almost 10 years of daily use. LFP batteries provide reliable performance and can withstand extreme temperatures. They have a 5-year guarantee.

Ecology at home

With prices ranging from 299€ of the standard River 2, up to €799; In the 800 Wh Pro model, the batteries are very efficient. An ultra-long useful life and optimal performance make it one of the most accessible ranges of portable power plants of less than 1kWh at the moment.


EcoFlow River 2, River 2 Max and River 2 Pro will be available for purchase from November 9 from 299 euros.