This is the smart scale Atenea Fit Pro, from SPC

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This is the smart scale Atenea Fit Pro, from SPC

The Spanish company ;ola SPC known for the development of 'smart' products, has integrated into its offer the intelligent body scale model Athena Fit Proat a price of about 100 euros. It is characterized by incorporating eight electrodes, four at the base and another four on its retractable measurement bar (which measures arms and abdomen).

The coordinated work of the set of electrodes, more s bioimpedance (BIA) technology,and the ITO glass (a highly conductive glass that provides greater sensitivity for reliable results) makes this model a scale capable of making an exhaustive and complete study of the whole body, allowing differentiation of data between torso, arms and legs ( even discriminating those that correspond to the left and right extremities), to locate body fat and muscle by areas. This functionality is especially useful for detecting the level of visceral fat, which is stored in the abdominal area around the organs and is good to keep under control to prevent health problems. p>

The user has a management and monitoring app that allows them to know the state of health based on the data and information provided by the 28 body values , and the progress over time in each of these indicators through graphs. It will also be possible to establish a comparison between two weighings, know the type of body and body age.

Outstanding values

The Fit Pro shows the percentage and kg of body fat in relation to weight and muscle mass, as well as its distribution between the torso, legs and arms. It also includes bone mass, BMI, protein rate, basal metabolism, subcutaneous fat, lean body weight, and percentage of water.

It adds an important piece of information for the control of the physical condition: the level of visceral fat. Often people talk about body, abdominal, and visceral fat without differentiating between them, but distinguishing the latter is optimal in order to prevent some health problems.

A scale with the usual 4 electrodes measures the body composition of the legs and applies algorithms to estimate the data for the rest of the body. Atenea Fit Pro adds 4 more electrodes to the measurement bar to analyze the upper extremities and torso. The distribution of the electrodes makes a complete tour of the body, to provide global and segmented data on body composition.

It is capable of differentiating between 9 body types (sporty, overweight, healthy, slender…) and suggest an ideal weight taking into account this condition, gender and other data obtained.

To motivate the improvement of the condition In physique, the scale gives an overall score from 1 to 100 for fitness, as well as fitness. This will be used as an estimate of the body's age based on the recorded metrics.

It is available for use. prepared to memorize data of up to 10 different people. Identifies each of the users based on previously collected metrics so that they can make unique and individualized use of their technology.


The base ;scula Atenea Fit Pro has a usual price of about 100 euros, however, during Black Friday it will be available for purchase. on sale