This is the Versa 4, Fitbit's smartest watch

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This is the Versa 4, Fitbit's smartest watch

The Versa 4It is a 'smartwatch' focused on physical activity that offers more than 40 exercise modes, real-time statistics, integrated GPS and Active Zone Minutes, as well as Premium functions such as Recovery Level and Active Zone Minutes. n daily designed to achieve scheduled activity goals. It comes with a design that is thinner and lighter than its predecessors and with a battery that lasts more than 6 days.

Improved well-being

is You will be prepared to give useful information to improve overall health and well-being. One of the tools it provides is the dedicated app , through which it is possible to boost motivation to achieve goals, since it puts daily and weekly statistics on the exercise performed, heart health, sleep and stress under control. It also allows you to record hydration levels, menstrual health, mood, nutrition and glucose. Seeing all the metrics in the same panel helps to better understand how the sport and the activities that are carried out are able to affect the user and, consequently, make informed decisions in daily life.

< h3>Useful notifications

The user has access to important health functions, including irregular heart rhythm notifications, obtained through a photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor.), designed to assess heart rhythm and detect signs of atrial fibrillation (AF). This feature has both the approval of the North American FDA and the CE mark.

Increased services

The Fitbit Premium service, whose use for 6 months is prohibited. Included in Versa 4, it incorporates, among others, the Daily Recovery Level and Sleep Profile functions, which will allow you to delve into the statistics and daily progress, and 'mindfulness' sessions and exercises to maintain your body. and active mind.


The model features a square dial, with a curved screen, an aluminum bezel and a resistant plastic back. It integrates a physical control button, easily accessible, which is more useful and precise than the capacitive one of previous models.

The strap is interchangeable and is attached to the watch with quite easily. It is comfortable to wear, weighs 49 grams, and provides resistance to water (50 meters deep).

Screen typology

The screen is an OLED 336 x 336 pixels with very good definition and with enough brightness to be able to see everything on it, even if the sunlight hits it. Directly.


Equipped with a battery that lasts more than 6 days and offers fast charging (12 minutes provide 1 day of battery life). battery life). 


Versa 4 is compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets, and comes with smart features including call, text and mobile app notifications, appointment reminders, smart call responses ( with Android) and more. It also allows you to use Google Maps and pay with Google Wallet

It is compatible with Amazon Alexaand it is enough to press the button on the side, for this assistant to program alarms, indicate the time you are going to do or start monitoring a specific exercise.


It provides detailed sleep tracking and up to 40 exercise modes (more than double the number before), including new features like HIIT (high intensity interval training), weight lifting, CrossFit and dance. Manage statistics in real time, integrated GPS and minutes in active zone. Workout tracking is accurate, tracking routes appropriately.

Notable Features and Values

The model keeps the user informed of different parameters: from the continuous analysis of heart rate or activity level, real-time statistics, automatic detection of walking/running mode on the wrist. , sleep analysis, to stress monitoring, among others, with the purpose that informed decisions can be made regarding the type of activity to carry out, to achieve the desired objectives.< /p>

Manage accurate sleep analysis, and with the premium feature, Sleep Profiler, which uses 10 metrics, shows how you sleep, highlights key patterns and helps improve the quality of rest. 

Another important functionality is the one that allows you to know how the body manages stress with the Stress Management Score, designed to indicate when it is useful to take a moment to Reflect, meditate, or do a guided breathing session. 

Reports the Daily Recovery Level to know if the body is healthy. ready to train hard or need to stay at rest.

Summary of benefits

More than 6 days of battery. A 12-minute charge gets you an extra day of battery life.

Waterproof up to 50m

Compatible with devices from iOS 13 and Android 8.0

Continuous heart rate monitoring, Built-in GPS, Daily Recovery Level, Active Zone Minutes, Daily Activity Analysis, 40+ Exercise Modes, Fitness Analysis daily activity.

Tools designed to measure and improve sleep: Personalized Sleep Profile, Sleep Stages and Sleep Score, Smart Wake, Do Not Disturb Mode. Performs monthly breakdown of night's rest based on 10 key metrics to learn how to sleep better.

Provides stress management score, SpO2, menstrual cycle tracking, respiratory rate and more in the Health Metrics dashboard.

Reports how stress is being managed with a daily score based on heart rate, activity, and pattern data sleep.

Looks for signs of atrial fibrillation. Alerts if an irregular heart rhythm is detected and easily shares that information with the doctor.

It is compatible with mobile phones and tablets with the latest version of iOS and Android.

Allows payment at any store or public transport that accepts contactless payments.