This is the wireless headphones Neobuds S, from Edifier

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This is what Edifier's Neobuds S wireless headphones look like

The Neobuds S, the most advanced true wireless headphones from Edifier, are characterized by integrating active noise cancellation with controllable level adjustment and are compatible with Snapdragon Sound, to obtain music in high definition through its Knowles balanced driver structure and dynamics with electronic crossover control. unique. They are certified with IP54 and low latency mode, the result regarding the sound quality it provides is very convincing.

Outstanding values

The NeoBuds S headphones are completed with < strong>Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound and Qualcomm aptX Adaptive, delivering high-resolution audio standards (24-bit/96kHz) so you can hear every syllable clearly.

The digital crossovers are patented and can control each sound unit for precise frequencies, so every note is clear and audible.

They have a hybrid driver that comes complete with a Knowles balanced armature driver. It is sensitive to sound and produces excellent mids and bass. Thanks to digital crossover technology, the advantages of both are complementary. And the earcups are cohesive, creating a natural listening experience complete with balanced highs, mids and lows.

They cancel noise down to -42dB, so the user can block out all background noise with them and focus on the music or sounds of interest. In addition, while using the ambient sound mode, you can be aware of everything that happens in the environment.

Dust and water resistance with IP54 protocol, > so they can be used without problem outdoors or for exercise (they hold up to sweat).

Through the Edifier Connect application it is possible to customize the configuration. ;n the headphones and access more functions according to preferences. 

The equipment comes with three EQ mode presets: dynamic, pure and audiophile. You can switch between them through the Edifier Connect app and also adjust the Audiophile EQ mode according to your listening needs or preferences. 

Up to 25h battery on charge

When fully charged, the headphones can play music for 6 hours. You will get 25 hours of total playtime when paired with charging case. 

Both the earbuds and the charging case support fast charging: 10 minutes of network connection for 1.5 hours of playtime.

< h3>Gaming experience

Gaming mode is up and running. It is prepared to provide optimal synchronization of audio and video. This is useful when sound is essential in a game that requires skillful tactics.

Because latency has been significantly reduced, up to 45% less than competitive headsets, they are a good choice for gamers.


The This model presents a futuristic aesthetic, with a charging case conceived based on fine lines. It has a matte texture that is resistant to smudges and does not leave fingerprint marks. Its natural touch makes it exclusive and dynamic. For its part, the indicator bar on the cover can illuminate 7 different colors that can be customized through Edifier Connect.

Summary Pack of Features

-42dB Active Noise Cancellation

Transparent Ambient Sound Mode

Dynamic Balanced Armature Drivers

Snapdragon Premium Sound

Crystal Clear aptX Voice Call

25 Hours Total Battery Life

7 Color LED Indicator

Price: 135 euros