This is us: the creator of the series confides in scenes “shot years ago”


This is us: the creator of the series confides in scenes «  shot years ago”

The Series Finale of This is us aired three weeks ago on NBC. The creator of the series confided in some scenes.

It’s a bittersweet moment that fans witnessed almost a month ago now… The final episode of This is us was broadcast on NBC and we are not going to lie to each other, many tears flowed. Saying goodbye to the Pearson family, which we have seen grow and evolve with the seasons, and especially the different timelines, was not an easy task. If we were impatient to discover this Final Series of This is us, we were also heartbroken. The emotional notes of this episode still resonate, as secrets about how this Series Finale unfolded have now been revealed.

It turns out that’a many of the scenes in the final episode of This is us were filmed years ago thanks to series creator Dan Fogelman. The latter had a clear plan for where he wanted This Is us to go from the start, so it allowed him to plan accordingly. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Fogelman explained, “They picked us up for three seasons right away.” And added, “Then I thought, ‘I'm going to do three more now just in case, so we can plan accordingly. So we shot most of the ending three or four years ago.

The end of This is us planned for many years

The This is us creator continued, “We had little kids growing up really fast. I wanted to capture something when they were younger. We shot half of it and then put the footage away. I knew what the ending would be pretty accurate. Even though we had a hundred billion episodes in between, we treated it as one piece of storytelling. In conclusion, he revealed: “For me, at least, it made it manageable.” Admittedly, this final episode of This is us was incredible and very well done.