This is very disturbing news. Will the upcoming Christmas holidays be extremely modest?

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What is the current economic situation in Poland? What are the prospects?

This is very disturbing news. Will the upcoming Christmas holidays be extremely modest

As the “Super Express” portal reminds us, the prices in stores are becoming more and more difficult. Only in September, according to preliminary data of the Central Statistical Office, inflation amounted to 17.2 percent. Economists have no doubts that inflation may soon reach the level of 20 percent. This is not good news for Poles, especially if we take into account that the Christmas season is ahead.

Inflation getting higher

The preliminary report prepared by the Central Statistical Office shows that in September the prices of goods and services increased by an average of 17.2 percent compared to the prices recorded in the same period last year. The last time such values ​​were recorded in 1997.

Last month, the biggest increase in prices was related to energy prices, which increased by 44.2%. Food prices increased by 19.3 percent. Interestingly, oil prices increased by about 100% year on year.

Economists point out that the rise in prices concerns not only energy and food, but practically everything. Economist Marek Zuber points out that the situation in Poland is different than in other countries. Our food is constantly increasing in price, while in other countries, following the April growth, the following months brought declines.

What awaits us in the coming months?

According to Marek Zauber, two scenarios are possible. In the first one, still this year, inflation will exceed the 20 percent barrier. In the second, it won't rise to that level. Which scenario will eventually materialize depends on what decisions will be made in the near future by both Polish politicians and politicians from other countries. of the year will reach 20 percent, or if it stays at a similar level to what we are dealing with now, one thing is certain – this year's Christmas may turn out to be extremely modest.

What kind of economic situation do you expect in the coming time?

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