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This measure promised by Gabriel Attal comes from the far right, and it has gone incognito

One of the Prime Minister's promises has already been fulfilled. été formulated in the past.

This is a measure that has gone under the radar, as the debate has become polarized. between the New Popular Front and the National Rally. However, there is nothing trivial about it, both in its subject matter and its formulation. Faced with the housing difficulties encountered by the French, proposals are pouring in. Build more, control rents… but not only that! One of the promises made also concerns access to the property. 

While the market real estate relaxes  small   small, &agrav; Thanks to a drop in borrowing rates, the majority Presidential wants to unblock the situation a little more by using a lever often described: “notary fees”. This abuse of language corresponds to & the sum &agrav; pay in addition to the purchase price of the home at the time of the transaction. This includes notaries' fees for completing the papers but, above all, a tax collected by the departments on each real estate transaction. On average, these costs correspond, in new, à 2 or 3% of the price paid for good,  and à 7 à 8% in old buildings.

This measure promised by Gabriel Attal comes from the far right, and it has gone incognito

During the presentation of the program of the majority presidential candidate for the legislative elections, Gabriel Attal promised to modify the rules on the subject. The Prime Minister is committed to à exempt from notary fees all people making their first purchase, if it does not exceed 250,000 euros. For a person or couple buying, this would therefore represent up to 20,000 euros in savings (notary fees for a purchase of 250,000 euros in old property). This could therefore be good news for buyers, who would therefore have less to pay. borrow à the bank. Very often, these "notary fees" are paid by the contribution made at the time of credit.

If this promise is undoubtedly the most surprising on the part of the executive, it is striking because it is not new. Before Emmanuel Macron and Renaissance, another party, far politically from that of the President of the Republic, had made the same commitment. This is Reconquête, through the voice of Eric Zemmour, during the 2022 presidential election.

À At the time, the former editorialist had declared, on the set of France 2, want to exempt first-time buyers from notary fees, for a purchase up to 250,000 euros. Proposal which had sparked an outcry because she had been formulated by the then candidate as a response to the housing difficulties of young people. Now, that didn't really answer the subject of precariousness.

At that time, the Montaigne Institute had encrypted the proposal: between 4.5 and 7 billion euros less per year in state coffers, allowing around 700,000 buyers save, on average, 7,300 euros.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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