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This method is infallible way to know if you are an attractive person - a few everyday signs prove it

When it comes to seduction, we (almost) all lack self-confidence. What if you could know in a few moments if you are an attractive person?

Am I a physically attractive person? Am I attractive? These questions may seem very superficial, but let's agree that they sometimes occupy our thoughts. We all wondered about this. at one time or another on the subject. The answers have to be answered. each time was very difficult, because the subject is delicate.

Who to ask? trusted people, strangers? Fortunately, there are some seduction experts who can provide very useful keys and answers.

Most self-confidence consultants or specialists always point out the same thing: the attractiveness of people. is not always linked to depends on a person's physical appearance, but can also depend on their personality. or his behavior. The words "charisma" and "charm" come back regularly in their analyses. And of course, the part of subjectivity in personal or cultural is important. That being said, it is possible to establish certain points that allow you to know if a person is attractive, with almost certainty.

This is what therapist, sexual and relationship coach Nicole Schafer highlights in the columns of the Up Journey media. It indicates that some people enjoy a “nice privilege”, that they are clearly attractive and that this constitutes a real strength. And to be clear about it, she lists 5 more concrete elements to consider. analyze:

  • Do you have the impression that babies look at you, laugh or smile at you, a little more than the others?
  • You generally arrive at get the position you are applying for, even if you feel you are not the most qualified?
  • Authority figures, like your boss or a police officer, are more lenient with you, even if you do things you shouldn't?
  • The People, known or unknown, often stop and compliment you. out of the blue?
  • Do you receive more gifts than your friends, especially in the evening (free drinks or extras sent from the kitchen)?

If you answer yes to most or even more the entirety of these questions, then you are an attractive person, there is no doubt about it. Remember all the same that attraction and seduction are built and evolve. It is particularly linked to self-confidence. If someone wants to approach you or find out who you are, you can tell yourself that you are attractive. Above all, be kind and caring, attentive: everyone is attracted to others. through kindness!

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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