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This “most beautiful Village in France” is accessible aboard an old steam locomotive

This village of stone and water with colorful cabins is accessible within walking distance. aboard an old locomotive à steam.

In France, there are villages in the heart of preserved nature where there is a natural environment. time seems to have stopped. Among these, some are labeled  "Most beautiful villages in France" because of their rich natural and built heritage. In Charente-Maritime, 13 villages scattered throughout the department have received the title of Village of Stones and water, because their remarkable construction is linked to the &agrav; water. However, these exceptional villages are often known to be difficult to access. What if we told you that there is a village in New Aquitaine which combines these two titles and which joins in locomotive & steam ?

To get to this old lové in the heart of the marshes in Charente-Maritime, we climb into the old locomotives & steam of the Train des Mouettes on a railway line which has long transported salt, the famous "white gold"star of the region. Departing from Saujon, the tourist train passes along the salt marshes, pastures and vineyards. We come across storks, gray herons, egrets… Before finally arriving at destination: Mornac-sur-Seudre. This village of 865 inhabitants located on the left bank of the Seudre, on the fringes of the Arvert peninsula, offers a ;nbsp;"landscape of a thousand ponds" which "lives to the rhythm of the tide", according to host Stéphane Bern. From the port in the heart of the village, we walks on the Seurdre & edge of the Aigrette. Along the channel, we discover old oyster huts in bright blue, red or yellow colors. The charm works. 

This “most beautiful Village in France” is accessible aboard an old steam locomotive

Today the majority of its basins serves à oyster production, although there is still an active salt marsh. We visit the village à through its alleyways flowered with hollyhocks, through the unique architecture in the former sailors' quarter. nbsp;typically Charentaise houses, white and low with pastel blue or green shutters. Glassmakers, leatherworkers, jewelers, potters… Many craftsmen have invested the village since the 1950s. A 5 kilometer loop, the &quot “Carved for pedestrians”, allows you to discover the tourist attractions of the village, from the Romanesque church to the medieval market halls. vales. Finally, we won't skip the tasting of the famous éclade, a traditional Charentais dish of mussels arranged in a rosette& ;nbsp;then cooked on pine needles.

The village is located &agrav; 10 kilometers north of Royan and about twenty kilometers from the Atlantic coast. By train, just go to à the TER station of Saujon à 7 minutes from Royan, to take the Train des Mouettes in operation. April À September and during the All Saints' Day holidays. The journey lasts thirty minutes and connects Saujon to La Tremblade via Mornac-sur-Seudre. ;requires a valid return trip à per day (16 euros for an adult, 8 euros for a child aged 4 to 16), which allows you to make stopovers. We left ?

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