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This new 3-in-1 charger corrects all the flaws of external batteries and will change your habits

You're tired of carrying all your chargers in a bag and your external battery is suffering ? This modular charger has the solution à all your problems.

Between mobile phones, laptops, tablets and even headphones and smartwatches, homes ;nbsp;are increasingly equipped with technology. And the more members a family has, the more digital devices it owns. A study carried out in 2023 by the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (CREDOC) We expect that each household had on average 10 pieces of digital equipment with screens in 2023, whether in use or not.

These devices obviously need to be charged and recharged continuously. And with the growing adoption of work from home. distance, outdoor activities as well as travel, they must also be able to be recharged within a short time. almost anywhere. Enough to feed a large market of  "power banks", in other words a thriving business of chargers, wired, wireless, portable or not. The latter is shared between smartphone manufacturers (Xiaomi, Samsung, etc.), mobile accessorists (Mophie, Belkin, etc.) and distributor brands (Fnac, Boulanger, Amazon, etc. .).

In the trends now well established in the world of tech, the use of an external battery has made its mark. Easy & take anywhere, it allows you to recharge your phone, tablet, headphones or even your computer from anywhere. at any time, in transport, on a walk or at the office. Models are available for all price ranges, but some require concessions because they are too bulky or too heavy, while others take more time. à charge the smartphone. But suppliers continue to innovate.

This new 3-in-1 charger corrects all the flaws of external batteries and will change your habits

What if we told you that a device could correct all the faults of well-known external batteries? The Chinese company OnePlus and the famous innovator in the electrical industry Sharge have collaborated to offer a unique charger. A 3-in-1 design that includes a wall charger, cable and built-in fast charging system. A project that was based on on opinions and requests from the community.

This charger entitledé "Pouch" (in French çais "pochette"), keeps its name well since'it wants to l" Lightweight and space-saving. All three components of the mobile power supply, the charging head and the charging cable, are detachable. You can charge up to 100%. three devices simultaneously, offering the possibility of from a wall or battery charge. When it comes to battery life, Sharge and OnePlus have opted for better battery life. for a capacity of 10,000,mAh. Which allows you to recharge your smartphone twice.

The Pouch 3 in 1 charger is available for sale à 76 euros on the Sharge website. Note that the charging block is compatible with American, European, English, Italian and Austrian charging standards.

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