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This object is the new target for thieves, the roads will become more dangerous

This new phenomenon discovered in France can cause serious road accidents.

There are many dangers on the road. Slippery roads due to weather conditions, roads in poor condition, reckless driving by certain users, serious mechanical problems, loss of concentration, drowsiness…the causes leading à there are multiple accidents, sometimes very serious. There is really no need to add more when we know that nearly 3,400 people lost their lives in a traffic accident in France in 2023. Unfortunately, some ill-intentioned individuals don't care and are ready to take action. everything leaves à cause drama.

Because a new scourge threatens the security of motorists. For some time now, networks of criminals have been operating on the roads of France. Carjacking professionals ? Not at all. These thugs do not directly attack drivers but rather the…roads. And yes, after the electrical cables, here it is. that the theft of sewer plates is increasing. If it looks like à objects of no value to everyone, the thugs find their way there by stealing as many of these cast iron plates as possible – of around thirty kilos each – which are then resold and melted down. A loot that costs municipalities dearly since the price of a sewer plate is estimated at the same time. à nearly 500 euros.

This object is the new target for thieves, the roads will become more dangerous

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The problem is that in addition to not being able to do much against these thefts – it is forbidden for maintenance reasons to seal these plates which can then be lifted at hand in a matter of seconds – it is not easy for cities to replace them immediately. As a result, the streets are full of holes and become very dangerous for driving. A car that drives into a hole the size of a manhole cover has a high chance of breaking its wheel, damaging its steering and ending up in the scenery. But it can be even more serious for a two-wheeler, whether it is a motorcycle, a scooter or even a bicycle, for which the risk of being thrown on the ground is large with the physical injuries that result.

Very widespread in Spain, the thefts of manhole covers have for some time crossed the Pyrenees, particularly in the North of France where many cases have been noted. As if the list of things to do when driving was not already long enough for safety of all, from now on motorists will also have to check if there are any holes under their wheels…

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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