This plant can protect against colon cancer

Ginger helps to fight inflammation in the colon. So ginger is a good preventive measure against colon cancer, according to scientists from the United States.

Это растение может защитить от рака кишечника

American researchers studied the effect of ginger extract on 30 patients, half of whom were given two grams of supplements from the root of a plant, and the rest of the medicine pacifier, within 28 days. After four weeks, the scientists measured the level of inflammation in the colon of patients and found that those who took ginger extract, all indicators indicate the presence of inflammation, improved. Inflammation in the intestine is considered to be a precursor of colon cancer.

“There is a considerable demand for safe, non-toxic means of treatment and prevention of cancer, which could improve the quality of life most effectively, including, and from the point of view of the cost,” said the authors.

Part of the ginger root contains numerous beneficial amino acids, trace elements and essential oils. It has analgesic, expectorant, antiemetic effect, has a beneficial effect on the stomach, digestive tract and respiratory system. Ginger is taking for diarrhea and poisoning. Ginger tea is a great remedy for physical or mental fatigue, which helps to cope with stress and rejuvenate. Also, ginger is used in jaundice, parasitic diseases, allergic and skin diseases, asthma etc. It has a rejuvenating effect and enhances libido.

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