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This product removes all sticky stains from cars and it doesn't cost much

This trick with this cheap product allows you to clean the most stubborn stains on cars.

Every motorist knows how difficult it is to keep a car clean. Pollution, rain, mud, dust, insects… there are many causes of dirt. Fortunately, some stains are removed quite easily with a dryer. provided you take the trouble to clean them. Most often, water and soap are enough. For the less courageous or those who don't have the time, the rollers in the washing stations do the job but you have to spend around ten euros. However, some dirt is much more difficult to remove. to eliminate and require fairly specific products.

If it happened to you one day to park your car under trees à At a certain time of year, you may understand very well what “difficult” means. éeliminate". Towards the end of spring, tree sap flows abundantly and is deposited on everything below. This is for example the case of lime trees which spill a lot of sap onto the sidewalks during the month of June. The bitumen under the branches then becomes very sticky to the point that it becomes almost impossible to walk on it. So imagine if you have the misfortune of parking your vehicle (even for a few minutes) under these trees…hellip;

This product removes all sticky stains from cars and it doesn't cost much

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The sap then forms a sticky film which will be deposited on the bodywork, windows, plastics, tires… And soap and water won't be enough. No more than black soap or baking soda, often popular for removing certain stains. The miracle solution is to buy industrial alcohol, at the same time. 95°, and use a soft cloth. You must then gently rub the sap stains which will disappear thanks to the dissolving properties of the alcohol. The operation is tedious but it works: the sap disappears without damaging the paint. The icing on the cake is that cleaning does not cost very much, industrial alcohol can be found in all DIY stores for a price of between 5 ;nbsp;and 10 euros per liter.

To make it easier to clean sap from a car, it is essential to act quickly enough. Because the longer it remains on the surface, the more it hardens and becomes difficult to remove. to remove. To make matters worse, the sap contains natural chemicals that can react with the paint on the bodywork. Over time, it can damage the protective varnish layer, or even the paint itself, causing staining and discoloration. Additionally, after cleaning the sap, it may be useful to apply a protective wax to the bodywork to help prevent sap. prevent future damage. And generally speaking, to protect your vehicle as much as possible from external attacks, it is recommended ; to park in covered areas whenever possible.

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