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This product removes dirt from rims, it costs less than 2 euros and everyone has it at home

This tip allows you to clean car rims with an inexpensive ingredient known to everyone.

Contrary to popular belief, the rims of a car are not there. just to look pretty. Obviously, their graphics give a style and assert the character of a vehicle. But the role of rims does not stop there. aestheticism, far from aesthetics. Attached to the wheel hubs, they hold the tires in place and ensure the transmission of power from the engine to the tire. the road. When you accelerate or brake, the rims play a crucial role in transmitting these forces to the tires. The fact remains that their design is an attractive asset for manufacturers who often offer different rims on the same model in depending on the finish (and therefore the price).

The problem with rims is that they get dirty very quickly. Brake dust, road dirt, air pollution, especially from exhaust gases, and weather conditions all contribute to turning rims brown, whether they are made of steel or aluminum. It is possible to clean them with a high-pressure jet or by running your car through rollers, but this is expensive and the result is not always very satisfactory. To get perfectly clean rims, the best solution is to clean them by hand to remove all the dirt embedded in each of the nooks and crannies. It is true that this requires a bit of energy, but it is possible to make significant savings by doing it yourself.

This product removes dirt from rims, it costs less than 2 euros and everyone has it at home

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Especially if you use a product found in à almost all the houses. You may not think about it when you open your fridge, but it is very likely that it contains a liquid that is super effective for cleaning car rims. Sold most often à less than 2 euros in supermarkets, the one and a half liter bottle of Coca-Cola is the inexpensive and validated ingredient of the market. by many experts to give a second life to your rims. The procedure for washing them is quite simple:

  • Start by pouring the famous American soda directly onto the rims then leave to act for a few minutes
  • Rub on the most stubborn stains with aluminum foil that you can crumple into a small ball
  • Rinse thoroughly à clean water to remove any sugar residue from the soda that could make the rims sticky
  • Wipe the rims with a clean, dry cloth to avoid water stains
  • Repeat the operation if necessary

The phosphoric acid contained in Coke will dissolve dirt, grime and leftover brake dust deposits ;s on the rims of your car. This tip should, however, be used occasionally because the acidity increases. soda can potentially damage the finish of the rims if you do it too often. It is also recommended Apply a wax after washing to protect the rims and help to improve the appearance of the rims. pushes the dirt away, giving you a little more time before the next cleaning.

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