This series used to break popularity records in our country. How did the actresses from “Mother, Wife and Lover” unfold

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How was the fate of the actresses from the series “Mothers, Wives and Lover”?

 This series once broke popularity records in our country. How did the actresses from

As the “Gazeta” portal reminds us, in the 1990s the series “Mothers, wives and lovers” enjoyed considerable popularity among viewers who eagerly followed the fate of the production's protagonists. How did the actresses play the main roles. It turns out that not all the ladies stayed in acting. Anyway, see for yourself!

The series “Mothers, wives and lovers”

The series with the meaningful title “Mother, Wife and Lover” tells the story of four school friends who meet after many years. Each of them has different experiences and plays slightly different roles in life. Viewers immediately fell in love with Juliusz Machulski's series and the heroines, played by Anna Romantowska, Edyta Zając & oacute; wna, Małgorzata Potocka and Gabriela Kownacka.

Anna Romantowska played the role of Wiktoria Zarychta in the series. Recently, Romantowska appeared in the production of the Netflix platform under the title “Family games”. Privately, she was associated with Krzysztof Kolberger, with whom Julia was born. Then she got involved with Jacek Bromski.

Elżbieta Zając & oacute; wna

Elżbieta Zając brought the character of Hanka Trzebuchowska to life. She has played roles in many cult productions, such as “Sexmisja” or “Vabank”. Interestingly, the actress did not plan a career in this profession, she wanted to be a sportswoman, unfortunately the disease prevented her from doing so.

His professional achievements include not only roles in films and series, but also successful programs in “Family Secrets” and “The Funniest Animals in the World”. After the birth of her daughter, she quit her job, wanting to focus on the home. Zając & oacute; wna has been the wife of Krzysztof Jaroszyński for years, with whom she has a daughter, Gabrysia.

Małgorzata Potocka

Małgorzata Potocka played the role of Wanda Otrębowska in “Mothers, Wives and Lovers”. She became permanently involved in acting, appearing in films and series, as well as on the stage of the theater. She also stood on the other side of the camera.

In 2019, she became the director of the Powszechny Theater in Radom. She is the mother of two girls. Matylda is the fruit of Małgorzata Potocka's relationship with J & oacute; zef Robakowski, and Weronika is the daughter of Potocka and Grzegorz Ciechowski.

Gabriela Kownacka

Gabriela Kownacka played Dorota Lindner in Machulski's series. It was a character that strongly divided the viewers, mainly because she was the title “mistress”. She did not give up acting, gaining the viewers' sympathy as Anka from the series “Family Foster”.

Kownacka appeared in films, series and theater. Unfortunately, she died at the age of only 58 after a long and exhausting battle with cancer.

You were also a fan of the series “Mothers, Wives and Lovers”?

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