This stock market jump is signed by Apple, it is a historic record

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Everything is explained by taking a look at the miraculous financial results of the apple firm.

This stock-market jump is signed by Apple, it’s a historic record

It’s a figure that will make history. Apple’s capitalization on the Wall Street Stock Exchange climbed $190.9 billion in the space of twenty-four hours (+8.8%) last week , 100 million more than the previous record held by Amazon. The two companies can claim to represent, respectively, the first and the fifth valuation of the planet. Saudi Aramco (oil) is second, Microsoft third and Alphabet (Google) fourth.

While it is difficult to explain precisely what motivated buyers to put their hands in the basket during this event which occurred on Thursday, the turnoverof Apple carried out between July and September can, however, give us an idea. We know that Cupertino generated no less than 90.15 billion dollars there, i.e. 8% more than over the same period in 2021. services (21%) and Macs (13%).

A good omen before the holidays

This rebound comes as the Apple stock lost nearly thirty points on NASDAQsince the beginning of the year. The fault, it is said, is the shortage of chips in Asia, the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis or even inflation which has seen Apple prices seriously increase in Europe. But that's without counting on the fourth quarter, which is generally the most prolific for the finances of Tim Cook's teams.

Indeed, a good number of iOS devices are expected there under the Christmas tree. What's more, Black Friday is approaching with its lot of very attractive discounts for consumers. Analysts are therefore aiming for a new record announced at the end of January, when Apple will reveal quarterly results for the range extending from October to December.

The best products of their generation< /h2>

Among the main vectors of success for the company at the moment are the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, equipped with a high-end technical sheet with proprietary chip, accident detection and satellite connectivity. Smartphones acclaimed by critics, thanks in particular to a premium camera and an intuitive interface in all respects.

On the tablet side, the new iPad Pro M2are not to be outdone and are displayed as a real alternative of choice to certain laptops. Under the hood, there is indeed a processor that also powers the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro as well as 8 or 16 GB of RAM.

Apple products MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Pro

This stock-market jump is signed Apple, it’s a historic record

€2,099 iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB

This bond in stock market is signed; Apple, it’s a historic record

€1,109 AirPods Pro

This stock market leap is signed; Apple, it’s a historic record

215 €

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