This will be the musical of Matilda: the dreaded Tronchatoro hits

The story will have a new version from Netflix and features Alisha Weir in the role of the little telekinetic girl.

This is how the musical of Matilda will be: the dreaded Tronchatoro impacts /></p><p> Credits: Source: Netflix Posted in ENTERTAINMENT on 6/20/2022 · 5:00 pm Share this article</p><p>Netflix has ready the new adaptation of <strong>Matilda </strong>in which it presents <strong>Alisha Weir </strong>in the role of the little telekinetic girl and has in its cast <strong>Lashana Lynch</strong> as Miss <strong>Honey, Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough</strong> as Matilda's parents, <strong>Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood</strong>, and the great <strong>Emma Thompson</strong>like the feared <strong>Miss Tronchatoro.</strong></p><p>A proposal that promises and that brings to life the version of the homonymous novel by <strong>Roald Dahl</strong> and that generated endless fans who to date adore the character. </p><p> <iframe loading=

The truth is that Netflix did not let this beloved story go by and gave it a completely new twist by turning it into a musical and has now released the first trailer for Matilda reaching numerous views in a few hours. 

The trailer shows that the musical offers a more colorful version than the 90s and features both Matilda and her friends, including Miss Honey. Obviously the advance does not forget one of the points, the bad ones, so we get to see the terrible Wormwood and mainly the dreaded Agatha Tronchatoro.< /p>

This is how Matilda's musical will be: the dreaded Tronchatoro hits

Source: Netflix

The truth is that much more cannot be said about this trailer and we will have to wait for the release of the final product to be certain if the twist of the story convinces the fans or if it goes straight to ruin.


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