Thomas Audet's mother changes her version on the second day of the public inquiry

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Thomas Audet’s mother changes her version on the second day of the public inquiry

Sarah-Ève Larouche, mother of Thomas Audet

Thomas Audet's mother, Sarah-Ève Larouche, was again summoned by coroner Géhane Kamel on Tuesday during the inquest to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the death of the 22-month-old toddler in 2016. She supports now having been the victim of domestic violence on the part of Maxime Patry.

The coroner wanted to dispel certain doubts sown in her mind by elements mentioned Monday by the mother, in the light of contradictory elements mentioned by other witnesses on Tuesday.

It should have been my role to protect him, admitted Sarah-Ève Larouche, who confided that she felt a lot of guilt about her role as a mother before and after the death of her son.

During her first testimony, the mother affirmed that her relationship with Maxime Patry, her spouse at the time of death, was harmonious. Testifying a second time, she changed her tune and said he was more of a monster.

He was a monster. On top of that, he did something to my child and it pokes me even more, let the 27-year-old woman down.

To justify her change of version, the mother of little Thomas admitted that she was afraid of Maxime Patry. This admission came to corroborate the testimony of his own father and grandfather of Thomas, Robin Larouche, who is convinced that his daughter was under the influence of Maxime Patry.

J' am afraid of the repercussions it could bring, said Sarah-Ève Larouche, insinuating that she feared reprisals from her former spouse.

I will be intransigent, if you have threats, you must dial 911, immediately decided coroner Kamel.

Even if he was violent and aggressive, Sarah-Ève Larouche admitted that Maxime Patry had never struck his son in front of his eyes, despite frequent impulses of violent gestures.

“I ate a slap on the face for absolutely nothing. »

— Sarah-Ève Larouche, mother of Thomas Audet

Sarah-Ève Larouche explained that she continued to live with Maxime Patry after the death of her boy despite the fact that she was the victim of domestic violence because she had suffered a trauma .

Maxime Patry's lawyer, Jean-Marc Fradette, told her that if she had thought that her spouse at the time had fatally struck her child, she would not returned with him.

Maxime Patry, the former spouse of Thomas's mother, Sarah-Ève Larouche, will be questioned by the coroner in October , after the deadline of September 29 which allows the DPCP to file new charges against him.

Coroner Kamel urged Sarah-Ève Larouche to think about herself and avoid toxic relationships. She even promised to hear from her in a month.

Thomas Audet's mother had a second child since 2016, but she has no not legal custody.

Employees of the Direction de la protection de la jeunesse (DPJ) will be questioned on Wednesday, but their identity is subject to a restraining order. -publication.

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