Thor 4 actress apologizes after spoiler photo leak

Thor 4: Actress apologizes after spoiler photo leak< /p>

Tessa Thompson, aka Valkyrie in Thor 4, made a mistake a few months ago that didn't sit well with Marvel Studios. Explanation… And spoilers!

Oh the dumpling! In early 2022, Tessa Thompson, aka Valkyrie in Thor, inadvertently leaked a photo of herself in her character's new, never-before-seen costume for the forthcoming fourth episode of Thor, Love And Thunder. At that time, the film was in preparation and no information was to leak. But the story is more complex. And, it must be admitted, a little funny despite the actress.

Oh no… not that…”, the actress recalls during an interview with Fandango All Access >. “I sent a photo[from her in the famous secret costume, Ed] to my mother-in-law and she posted it on Instagram. Yeah, it wasn't me but it was a big thing. She feels miserable. I'm sorry Marvel. I'm so sorry Disney. It's not my fault and I'm never going to send a selfie again.Morality: always beware of mothers-in-law.

Valkyrie Superstar

Despite this monumental error, it would seem that Marvel, and more broadly Disney, did not sanction Tessa Thompson for this leak. This isn't the first time actors have leaked secret information about upcoming movies (hello Tom Holland). The actress, meanwhile, entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with Thor: Ragnarok in the Valkyrie armor. A badass, cool and funny female character. She has since returned to spend a head in Avengers: Endgame and will again be alongside Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder. Valkyrie still has a bright future ahead of her. Tessa Thompson too. Marvel Studios seems to have passed the towel if not the mop. More fear than harm in the end.

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