Home Art Thor Love & Thunder: Can Loki make his comeback?

Thor Love & Thunder: Can Loki make his comeback?

Thor Love & Thunder: Can Loki make a comeback?

Thor Love & Thunder promises us some nice surprises. Some have already been revealed, but Loki's return is still a question mark.

Thor Love & Thunderis eagerly awaited by fans of Marvel and more particularly of the God of Thunder. It must be said that the previous opus Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi, made a very good impression! We expect to find a good dose of humor, a cleverly chosen soundtrack and action of course. As for finding Loki in Thor Love & Thunder, nothing is less certain. The character played by Tom Hiddleton benefits, despite his multiple betrayals, from a enormous sympathy capitalto the public. The series dedicated to him has also helped to develop the community's affection for this anti-hero. However, the actor himself denied appearing in Thor Love & Thunder. However, we are used to Marvel playing the secret card (and Loki playing the trick).

Thor Love & Thunder will introduce many characters new to the MCU. The Olympian gods, led by Zeus, will thus develop the potential for new stories. The arrival of the terrible Gorr, the Butcher of the Gods, played by Christian Bale, should also tie in with other parts of the MCU. If we add, in Thor Love & Thunder, the presence of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Valkyrie and the return of Jane, we already have a lot of people to fit into a time that is not infinite! What place for Loki in this already very busy cast? His death in Avengers: Infinity Warsseemed relatively final. The introduction of variants in the Loki series and the Doctor Strange 4 movie has opened new doors for possible character returns.

Thor Love & Thunder will, one way or another, contain a bit of Loki!

Thor Love & Thunder has not, so far, left any clues that Loki may be back. On the contrary, we could see in the trailers that Thor sports a tattoo in the memory of his late brother. A mourning which is undoubtedly also part of the psychological evolution of the character, so important for this film. There is thus little chance that Loki will be back in any significant way in Thor Love & Thunder. It certainly wouldn't add much to the storyline. It could even become a certain nonsense. Loki however will not be forgotten and should, in one way or another, always influence the fate of Thor! Head to the theater to check it out!

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