Thought in a video game: in Russia, a man on drugs shot a woman on the street

Думал, что в видеоигре: в России мужчина под наркотиками расстрелял женщину прямо на улице

In the Russian city of Perm, a local resident thought that he is in a video game, opened fire with rifles and killed the passerby, shooting her five times in a row.

As reported by “Mesh”, according to Sledkoma of the Russian Federation, 50-year-old Dima Ninja was under the influence of drugs.

It is reported that the first man shot at the Windows, and then shot a woman on the street, marching at a pedestrian crossing. After that, he opened fire on a car passing near Regardie. As a result, one of asguardian was wounded in the leg. Also wounded one of the inhabitants of the city that the street was cleaning snow from his car. Another two passers-by managed to escape from the place of incident.

It is known that the shooter was previously convicted for selling drugs.

As previously reported “FACTS”, soldiers Ramil Shamsutdinov, who shot in a military unit in Transbaikalia (Russia) eight colleagues, explained their actions by “hazing” — colleagues warned the guy that he would be “lowered”.

Photos from the Telegram-channel “Mash”.

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