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Thousands of French people “expelled” from their homes because of taxes: this new law envisaged

“Thousands of French people 'expelled' from their homes because of taxes: this new law envisaged”

Your tax return could soon force you to leave your home.

For many, a home is not just a roof over their heads. It is above all a place in which part or all of a life has been built, with memories at every turn. An emotional bond is undeniably created with one's home, whatever it may be. However, in a few months, some people could find themselves “torn away” from their house or apartment due to a new rule. This one is not yet in force but, if it were to come into force, If it were to be implemented by September, it would affect thousands of French people and would force them, above all, to pack their boxes.

10 million people live in housing where the rent is below market. A so-called “moderate” price, proposed by public bodies only à families whose income is not very high. These homes, more commonly called social housing, are the desire of many other families. 1.8 million of them are in fact waiting to be able to integrate into HLM. Rotation is very difficult because except at the right angle. starting from oneself or from have a standard of living that has considerably increased; since his entry, leading to a forced departure by law, few people leave this type of housing.

Thousands of French people “expelled” from their homes because of taxes: this new law envisaged

A lock that could very soon be broken to force certain households to move forward. find accommodation elsewhere. And this is thanks to taxes. Or à because of them. If the project goes through to the end, the tax administration will have the right to transmit information about your resources and your assets to the next person. the organization that rents the accommodation to you. If this heritage proves to be high or allows you to relocate outside your HLM, the lessor may require you to à free up the premises to make room for a new family. The real estate assets declared in the "Manage my real estate" may therefore be known to the lessor.

For example, if, since your arrival in the HLM, you have been able to acquire a property thanks to an inheritance and you have rented it out, you may be forced to return the keys to your social housing. But the good must be equivalent. At this stage, the definition of an "equivalent good" has not been determined, no more than the geographical area to which it belongs. do not exceed, to avoid a tenant to move to several hundred kilometers from home if he invested far from his home.

However, it is à note that some guardrails have already been implemented. été acted: the tenant ordered to to leave their HLM because of their assets will benefit from a period of 18 months to organize themselves and people over 65 nbsp;year-olds, just like families with a disabled child, will be exempt from any move.

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