Thousands of PCQ supporters at the Videotron Center | Elections Quebec 2022

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Thousands of PCQ supporters at the Videotron Center | &Elections Québec 2022

The leader of the PCQ delivered a speech lasting about twenty minutes in front of a lively crowd.

The largest political rally since the start of the campaign took place Friday night in Quebec City as nearly 3,000 Conservative Party supporters and activists du Québec (PCQ) met at the Videotron Centre.

Maximum capacity obliges, some of the activists had to attend the debate outside.

Warmly welcomed by supporters, Conservative leader Éric Duhaime delivered a 20-minute speech in which he focused his fire on outgoing Premier François Legault.

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In addition to criticism of the CAQ's lack of studies on the third link project and the party's lack of transparency in connection with the work on the Pierre-Laporte bridge, Éric Duhaime also lectured the Prime Minister on his management. of the health crisis.

Mr. Legault, you have been the worst confiner in America, launched the leader of the PCQ to the cheers of the crowd.

< p class="e-p">With this rally, the Party hopes to score points in the Quebec region.

Several people met on site testified to their support for the party.

There are several of us tonight here! We are not all "coucous!" launches a partisan in reference to the term sometimes used to designate the members of conspiratorial movements. I think we have enough responsible people.

What attracts me the most is the exploitation of hydrocarbons, launches another supporter of the PCQ. Quebec is not responsible for a large percentage of GHGs globally. Even if we force ourselves 100%, it won't do much in terms of climate change.

The holding of the event had sparked controversy earlier this week. VIP tickets were sold at a cost of $500, an amount that exceeds the maximum contribution to a party allowed by Elections Quebec. These tickets were eventually withdrawn by the PCQ.

With information from Olivier Lemieux.

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