Threat of Chinese attack on Taiwan extremely high: Japanese Defense Ministry


Threat China's attack on Taiwan is extremely high, – Japanese Ministry of Defense

Japanese military is talking about a full-scale Chinese amphibious operation using electronic warfare. The region is threatened by increased cooperation between Moscow and Beijing.

China is highly likely to launch a military operation in Taiwan, such a scenario threatens Japan. This is stated in the annual report of the Japanese Ministry of Defense entitled “White Paper of Defense”.

“Political, economic and military rivalry between nations is obvious. The challenge to the international order has acquired global proportions,” the ministry said. .

The level of threat to Taiwan from China was assessed by Japanese military analysts as extremely high. The possibility of a full-scale landing operation by China using electronic warfare and cyber attacks cannot be denied, experts emphasized.

The threat of a Chinese attack on Taiwan is extremely high, – Japanese Ministry of Defense

Beijing is increasing its military power every year, so the situation poses a threat to Japan's security, the military warned.

The Japanese military sees a threat to the country in strengthening cooperation between the Russian Federation and China in the field of exercises, as evidence, the authors of the report cite the example of joint overflights of bombers.

Japan is concerned about Russia's increase in the number of weapons on the southern islands of the Kuril chain and will continue to monitor military activity in the Far East, the Defense Ministry said.

Tokyo accuses Beijing of covert preparations for war and attempts to seize sea lanes in the region.

The White Paper of Defense is a report by the Japanese Ministry of Defense on the situation in the world and the activities of the Japanese military in a year. The book describes the main trends in the development of defense. The book is being submitted to the Japanese government for consideration.

On July 4, the Japanese military spotted 3 Russian warships near the islands of Yonaguni and Iriomote, as well as off the coast of Taiwan.

In addition, 22 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan's air defense zone on June 23.


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