Three children were washed away, when the adults decided to cross the river during severe flooding

Трех детей унесло водой, когда взрослые решили пересечь реку во время сильного наводнения

Three children were washed away, when the adults decided to cross the river during heavy floods Author: Elena Abdulaeva Two children died, one girl has gone missing during a flood Photo: Arizona children car flood news America news USA search USA

Two of five children have died and 6-year-old girl is still missing after the family’s car in “military style” was washed away when they tried to cross a small river during heavy flooding.

Meeting on thanksgiving Day ended tragically when the Rawlings family of 9 people attempted to cross the mouth of Tonto Creek in Arizona last weekend. They did not expect the deadly flow of water. Although 2 adults and 4 children managed to get out alive and was taken to safety by helicopter, 3 children remained in the car, which washed away a flood.

When the car pulled out of the water downstream from the children in not found, reports The Journal Gazette.

According to reports Fox 10, Sheriff’s deputies from the County Sheriff’s office frail found the bodies of five Colby and Austin on Saturday. Family, friends, local teams and volunteers continued to search for their cousin Willa, who is still missing.

Willa’s parents are Daniel and Lacey Rawlings are both able to get out of the car, but their son Colby, and niece Austin stayed in the car, carried away by the current.

Austin – the daughter of his brother Daniel Jay Rawlings. Speaking of funeral service Austin on December 6, her mom Lauren asked people “to dress up bright and smiling.” “Our Austin was an expressive child who loved music and bright colours”– said Lauren. “Thank you all for the kind words, support and prayers while we go through this tragedy”.

At the moment dozens of people combing the area in 5 miles on land, kayaking, in the air. Help them service dogs. Sunday found a Shoe and a piece of clothing Willa, and the next day the search was resumed. Brother Lacey Nathan Sherwood flew in from Houston last Friday to help 100 volunteers to search for the will, according to USA Today.

“We want to safely bring her home to the family”,- said Lieutenant Virgil Dodd of the County Sheriff’s office hill. “Today, she needs to go home, and we’re going to do it today”.

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