Three girls stole a baby carriage from a store, but forgot their baby


August 24, 2019, 22:31 | In the world

2 women were arrested.

Three girls stole a baby carriage from a store, but forgot their child

In the USA, 2 women were arrested and charged with shoplifting. They probably stole a baby carriage, but when they tried to hide as quickly as possible, they accidentally left the child in the store, Ukr.Media informs.

A small group of women and children entered the store, and one of them took a baby stroller out of the store without paying for the purchase.

The store manager, Justin, explained how the women were able to see it through from the beginning. “There were several customers in the store, and then 3 women entered,” he said. "Two distracted me, and one of them left the store with a stroller. And then, a few minutes later, one of them came back because they forgot the baby in the store.

The police confirmed that 3 women left the store and tried to drive away in a car when one of them realized they had forgotten their child.

“I noticed that the stroller was missing, but I didn't want to jump to conclusions, so I walked around the store, and then I started looking at the video from the security camera and saw that the stroller had been taken,” Justin said. "And then right before I called the police, the girl went back to get the baby. As she was leaving, I said to her, "I'm sure you stole my stroller. I would like to have her back.' And she practically ran out of the store because I called 911.

In the video taken by the surveillance camera, it can be seen that the girl who carried the stroller first tried to open it, but since all her attempts were unsuccessful , she quickly looked around and carried the stroller in her hands.

Despite the fact that the girl did not manage to figure out how to use the stroller, she knows how to hide much better. The police were able to identify 2 of the 3 women, after which they were arrested. The third girl has not yet been arrested.

Marianne Cash (23 years old) from England and Nan McCarthy, 20, from England were charged with shoplifting and conspiracy to commit a felony.


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