Three men die after bull run in Spain


    Three men have died after the bull run in Spain

    This is a traditional entertainment: the bulls are released into the streets of the city, and people flee from them

    Three men died in 24 hours from injuries after the traditional for Spain the race of the bulls (bous al carrer). It happened in the east of the country, in Valencia. The BBC writes about this.

    A 56-year-old man was thrown into the air by a bull and received a head injury. He died on Tuesday in a Valencia hospital, nine days after the incident. A 50-year-old man also died in hospital after a bull punctured his lung in Melian, north of Valencia.

    A 64-year-old Frenchman died on Monday from injuries sustained in Pedreguer, further up the coast.

    Animal rights groups have long called for a ban on bull runs, saying they are dangerous to animals and animals alike. of people. They say that over the past eight years, 20 people who took part in the race have died in the region.

    The mayor of Meliana has already said that the participants in the race who take to the streets of the city must be aware of the risk they are taking and understand that an angry bull cannot be stopped.

    At the most famous Spanish festival, the San Fermin bull race in Pamplona, ​​35 people were injured this year.

    But, nevertheless, bull races remain a very popular entertainment and attract thousands of tourists. And also raise the economy of Valencia. A 2019 study showed that it created more than 3,000 jobs and brought in 300 million euros from almost 10,000 events per year.

    The tradition of bull racing dates back to 1591. Then the animals were driven to the city from pastures, and the townspeople ran away from them. Over time, this became the goal of the event.

    Increased interest in entertainment arose after the release of Hemingway's novel “Fiesta”, which describes everything that happens in Pamplona. The Spaniards consider the race as a kind of ritual of initiation of a young man into a man. Thus, young people show that they have overcome cowardice. It is considered a special prowess to run as close to the bull as possible. You can fight off animals only with a folded newspaper.

    The race itself lasts only a quarter of an hour. The rest of the time is occupied by carnival, bullfighting and folk festivals.


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