Three steel giants will host circus shows in Montreal


Three colossi of steel will host circus shows in Montreal

Cirque Éloize will present its shows at Jardins Gamelin.

You will see them at the Quartier des Spectacles, Place Ville Marie and near the Atwater Market: three steel giants of a height of nearly 16 meters will be installed this summer in Montreal to host performances of the Montreal completely circus festival, which is organized by TOHU.

From July 7 to 17, dozens of acrobats from Cirque Éloize, the collective Les 7 Doigts and Machine de Cirque will appropriate these immense structures for the high-flying performances of the 3Géants show. .

Free performances are scheduled at all three venues every evening at 6 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., except Mondays. Each circus company will offer a distinct show based on its artistic specialties.

  • Cirque Éloize: Jardins Gamelin
  • Les 7 Doigts: Place Ville Marie esplanade
  • Circus Machine: Vinet Park

The young Quebec company Machine de Cirque, which will be located in Vinet Park, is delighted to be able to showcase its art in a public space.

How do you become a giant? It is around this question that we navigate for our creation: wanting to find this state of grandeur, of [collective] elevation, explains Maxime Laurin, co-founder of Machine de Cirque.

“We want to be festive. We want to celebrate this new era. »

— Maxime Laurin, co-founder of Machine de Cirque

The Circus Machine troupe will provide services at Vinet Park.

The collective Les 7 Doigts shares this desire to celebrate together. You don't become giant alone, adds co-founder Patrick Léonard.

It's going to be a pleasure for everyone. We feel it, these days, the shows are starting up again and the world is happy to see each other again.

Another sign of this new era: great collaboration between the different companies in the conception of this triple show, unheard of in the Montreal circus world, according to the founder of Cirque Éloize, Jeannot Painchaud.

This is a legacy of the pandemic, which has severely tested the performing arts community.

We shared a lot of things, even at the creative level, for s ensure that we were going in a different and complementary direction. It's a very exciting walk.

  • Weight: 14,000 kilograms
  • Height: 16 meters
  • Width: 9 meters
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    The objective of the show 3Giants, according to Montreal completely circus, is to contribute to the revival of the city center by promoting the convergence of tourists and circus enthusiasts towards public spaces and businesses in the metropolis.

    We wanted the circus to play a role in this, which confirms that Montreal is an international capital of circus arts, says general manager, Nadine Marchand.

    < p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">Les 7 Doigts will be installed at Place Ville Marie.

    The show 3Géants is an original idea of ​​Michel The catch. The three steel colossi are built by Scène Éthique, who have worked for Robert Lepage, Céline Dion and Cirque du Soleil, among others.

    This text was written from interviews conducted by Catherine Richer, cultural reporter for the show Le 15-18. Comments may have been edited for clarity and conciseness.


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