Thunder Bay Deputy Chief of Police Suspension Ended

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Thunder Bay Deputy Chief of Police Suspension Ended

Thunder Bay Deputy Chief of Police, left, had been suspended in January 2022. An external investigation was conducted by Toronto Police. (File Photo)

Ryan Hughes, Deputy Chief of the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS), will return to duty on February 27, approximately 13 months after being suspended on time for an investigation into allegations of harassment and misconduct.

All but two allegations are unfounded, Toronto Police Service investigation finds, reads a statement from the Thunder Bay Police Services Board (TBPSB).

The substantiated allegations relate to improper disclosure of information to senior officers from the SPTB and to a deputy chief of police from another police service.

The CSPTB indicates that it has taken note of the conclusions of the investigation and has taken corrective action.

The commission is currently finalizing a return to work plan to ensure an effective reintegration of the Deputy Chief.

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