TikTok adds photo mode and extends caption character limit

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TikTok adds photo mode and extends caption character limit

Social media giants are increasing the announcements of features that overlap from one application to another.

Many social media giants have adopted the formula of short videos popularized by TikTok in recent years. It's a swing of the pendulum for the Chinese application, which announced that it was adding a photo feature, in addition to pushing back the maximum number of characters in the captions of publications to 2200.

TikTok's update provides, with its new photo mode, the addition of several images to publications, a bit like an Instagram carousel. The difference is that people can add music to it.

The specialized site Mashable noticed that TikTok users were already using the function in a similar way to Instagram, with posts recycled from this social network. The opposite phenomenon has been observed with the Reels of the photos application, which often display content published with the TikTok logo.

TikTok has also announced to its followers that it would allow them to accompany their publications with much longer texts, pushing the character limit to 2200.

The application thus wishes to allow creators to better express themselves and bond with each other, according to a blog post.

Instagram isn't the only social network inspiring TikTok. In recent weeks, the app introduced a new snap shots feature that uses the main and front cameras of smartphones at the same time, reminiscent of the main appeal of the popular BeReal app

With information from Mashable , and Engadget

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