TikTok: an influencer found dead at 19


TikTok: influencer found dead at 19

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New drama for the TikTok social network. A 19-year-old influencer followed by nearly 2 million people has been found dead.

Obviously, social platforms allow many people to launch their careers like Léna Situations, Léa Elui or Enjoy Phoenix who have become famous personalities followed by several million people. Unfortunately, some drama happens and today it’s the TikTok social network whose purpose is to share videos that is in mourning. Indeed, one of its members followed by nearly 2 million people was found dead this Thursday, June 9, 2022.

Cooper Noriega, a young American known for his videos and also followed by 597,000 followers on Instagram, died at the age of 19. His body was found in the parking lot of a shopping center of Los Angeles and the reasons for his death are still unknown. After this tragic loss, Cooper's sister spoke up: ” Hi all. On behalf of our family, we would like to thank you all for the kind words towards Coop. His passing is an absolute tragedy for our family and loved ones. We pray that we can all, as a community, continue his legacy. I have loved each one of you (…) Bless you all…with love, sister. »

Cooper Noriega, star of Tiktok, had a project

The young man's death occurred before he set up a project that was close to his heart. heart. While he told his community that he had been addicted to drugs and medication since the age of 9, Cooper Noriega wanted to help those who had gone through the same thing: “I would like to use my influence to create a space to better inform people and normalize talking about mental health issues. My goal is to one day open a detoxification center from which one would not come out traumatized, and where the teams would be people whom one can trust” he had then confided full of ;hope. Unfortunately, this project will not see the light of day.