Timati about his collection of contemporary art: “I don't have anyone to discuss it with. The girls in it don't understand, except maybe Nastya Reshetova”


    Timati about his collection of contemporary art: "I don't really have anyone to discuss this with. The girls in it don't understand, except perhaps Nastya Reshetova "


    eper, entrepreneur and new owner of the Starbucks coffee chain in Russia, Timati gave a long interview to the “third admin” of the Antiglyanets telegram channel Natalya Arkhangelskaya, but for her other project, the Vanity Case channel, and spoke about his love for contemporary art — about why he doesn’t give girls art objects, how his personal collection began and where he got the limited Bearbrick toy that belonged to Karl Lagerfeld. We collected the most interesting quotes.

    How it all started

    About 17 years ago, a friend began to receive small eared plastic figurines. It turned out that a friend was flying to New York, where the Toy Tokyo store had been operating on Second Avenue for several decades. It is owned by a legendary figure in the world of collectors, Lev Levarek. Once in Toy Tokyo, I immediately asked: “What is it with your ears?”. — “It's Kaws, New York legend.” Levarek gave me the first Cavs. “Where else do they buy it?” — I asked. — “For example, at Philipps, Christie's, Sotheby's auctions.” I thought it was just Chinese vases and mammoth tusks. I bought magazines, subscribed to publics about this art, got to Tokyo, where I bought the first bear, Bearbrick. And so it all began.

    About taste and loneliness

    I have a classic taste of Tokyo hypebeast. In our country, it is shared by a few, it is specific. Therefore, I see no reason to exhibit my collection of — who will be really interested to see, not because Timati collected it? If I had Russian impressionism or serious classics, for example, — another thing. Louis Vuitton asked for my collection of trunks for an exhibition, I have rare ones with color monograms, but they refused.

    I like what Asians like. Murakami, let's say, goes to many, but complete with Kaws and Beabrick — just for the Asians and me.

    I don't really have anyone to discuss art with. The girls in it do not understand, except that Nastya Reshetova — she spent a lot of time with me and began to figure it out, now she’s good at rummaging who is who, how much and where to get (Timati and Anastasia Reshetova were together for six years, they have a son, Ratmir. — Note ed.). I have several senior collectors 60+ in Moscow, they have, for example, Chagall in the living room. You will never see them at home in glossy and hardly know their names. “Honey, let's show our house to Vogue” — no, it's out of the question.

    Timati about his collection of contemporary art:

    “I'm not stupid”

    Not mine. Auction — “who has more money” story. I get high from the other, it’s more interesting for me to find a thing and wait for the right moment when they want to sell it. Perhaps, in our country I know everyone who has what I like — everyone has my offer, I sit, I wait. I bought a huge collection from a man who literally sent me three letters — at the price I offered.

    Not everyone takes me seriously: look at this dude, listen to his music, does he have taste? Taste — concept is subjective. I'm just not stupid.

    I like Art Basel, but I won't go to America this year. It wouldn't be right. I have nothing against the Americans and the country, just not the time. I will celebrate the forty year in Mykonos.

    About investments

    The price of the collection has grown fifteen times. In 2006, Kaws were sold for three thousand dollars, now they are traded at auctions for 250 & mdash; 300 thousand. I never tried to gain, I bought what I like, but at a good price. I did not sell a single thing, I gave a few. The most expensive, perhaps, — wooden “bricks” in the bedroom. Very small edition, handmade by masters Karimoku — this is a Japanese furniture brand, wildly expensive, they have one wooden chair for 25 thousand.

    But there are things more expensive — valuable history. For example, bearbrick Fendi, owned by Karl Lagerfeld. I got it from Sebastien Jondeau, Carl's assistant, that's my kent. We met, like everyone else, in Saint-Tropez — young, pumped up, like me, loves surf, wake, this topic. He took care of Lagerfeld's cat, to whom Karl bequeathed a fortune, is now suing because of this.

    There were four Fendi “bricks” in total — for the windows of the four main boutiques. The season is over and the bear in the mink coat has moved into Karl's house. Three days after my birthday, Sebastian writes: “You love contemporary art, don't you? Let's meet at the port, Karl and I want to congratulate you.” Convertible arrives, trunk opens & hellip; I already froze. There is this “brik” in a fur coat. “Karl doesn't get high from him, I showed him your instagram *, he said that Timati should have the bear.”

    What do I want to have? The fact that I can not find at a normal price yet. George Condo has crazy noughts nuns. A ballerina on a red background, which he painted for the cover of Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. I dream of a Basquiat painting. Cool, sorry for sticking out a lot.

    Timati about his contemporary art collection:

    About other collections

    Watches, real estate, cars — Yes. I love cars in general, I would buy everything in the world. I have a vintage gullwing Merc. Recently bought a Rolls-Royce Corniche from the nineties. “Tesla” is not present, electric are not interesting. By the hour — Audermars Piguet, Rolex, Richard Mille. Standard set, but non-standard solutions within it. <…> “Rolex” just wear every day — and super.

    About gifts for girls

    I always have a non-trivial approach. But if a girl does not understand art, then you will just spend a lot of time, money and effort, and she would be happy with just a bracelet or a bag from the store, why would she need such gifts. But if she understood, then the gifts could be like this. Vintage Rolex, inlaid by Lori Rodkin. A Birkin bag that I would send through my friends for customization at Chrome Hearts. Or Louis Vuitton, painted by a cool graffiti artist.

    Earlier, Timati has already talked about his impressive collection of contemporary art, which was widely discussed in the media after.

    *Instagram owned by Meta< /i> recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation


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