Timati closed the deal to buy Starbucks and promised not to arrange “monstrous rebranding”


    Timati closed the deal to buy Starbucks and promised not to arrange "monstrous rebrandings"


    Timati announced on his social networks that, together with restaurateur Anton Pinsky, he acquired Starbucks assets in Russia. The rapper vowed not to do “monstrous rebranding” (probably alluding to the controversial rebranding of the former McDonald's) and called on everyone to participate in the development of a new symbol for the coffee chain.

    Give you until Monday. After that, the coolest design will decorate over two hundred addresses until September and will be generously paid. <…> We have a rather ambitious task: to make from the start better than what has been built overseas for decades. And now I can say with confidence, having gone through a month of tastings and runs of the kitchen and working with the best baristas in the country, we will not disappoint the army of millions of coffee lovers, but along with this we will give a product of a completely new level of quality. In general, I suppose we have a chance not just to change the sign, but to make a real, live case of a cool import substitution!

    Timati asked the designers not to forget that the former Starbucks is now — “100% Russian brand”.

    Starbucks suspended its activities in Russia at the beginning of March, and in May announced its final withdrawal from the country. In July, Forbes reported that Timati, the founder of Pinskiy & Co, Anton Pinsky, and the Sindika company of Senator Arsen Kanokov will become the new owners of the business. However, in his post about closing the deal, the rapper did not mention “Syndica”.

    The reopening of the updated coffee shops is scheduled for August.


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